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Evaluation & Grading

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Rural Development program at Thames is internally divided into two semesters. Each semester the Department of Social Sciences conducts two examinations: mid-term exam and end semester examination. The internal examinations are held to gauge the efficiency of the students in their course and their ability to perform. At the end of each semester, students will be given reports of their performance throughout the semester. The criteria of grading are discipline, assignments, attendance, class tests, examination results, presentations and reports submitted to faculty etc. The minimum attendance required by the college is 80% and the college reserves the right not to allow students who do not meet this requirement to sit for TU examination hence students must ensure their attendance is maintained.

In order to cultivate the habit of working regularly, students are given numerous assignments at different times of the semester. Of the total 100 given to the students in each semester, 15% is given for the attendance & class participation, 20% for the assignments, case studeis, test & quizzes, 15% for final project, 20% for mid-term exams and 30% for the term examinations.

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