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Thames International College seeks bright, capable and motivated students, who are ready to take advantage of the best education that we offer. As a highly selective institution, we strive to develop the complete picture of all applicants and what they bring to our college. While the applicant’s academic performance is the fact considered heavily in the admission process, application, interview, group discussions and entrance tests are also conducted to judge the applicant better.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Applicant should have completed at least 12 years of schooling.

Students should have achieved an average minimum of Second Division in the intermediate level. Check with our admission team if your grades meet the minimum requirement.

How to apply?

Step 1:

Get the application form. The application form is available at the Front Desk of the College. You can also download prospectus and application form from our website.

Step 2:

Submit the completed application form to the Office of Admissions along with application fee of Rs. 1000.00 and required documents mentioned in the form.

While there are no set deadlines for application, the Office of Admission may refuse to accept the application, if the seats for the program you intend to enroll are already filled.

Step 3:

When you submit the application form please make sure you book a date for the Thames Aptitude Test (TAT) and the group discussion. TAT will be conducted every week throughout the admission season.

MBS Tuition and Fees 2018

Admission Fees

All the students admitted to Masters in Business Studies at Center for Continuing Education, Thames International College are required to make one- time payment of the following fees at the time of admissions.

FeesAmount Payable
Admission Fee Rs. 25,000.00
University Registration & Services Rs.10,000.00
Induction Fees Rs. 9,000.00

Tuition and Fees

Students are invoiced every semester for the number of credit hours taken in the respective semester. The MBS tuition per credit hour is Rs. 4,200.00. MBS students are required to register for 15 credits every semester and complete 60 credit hours over the period of 2 years to graduate.

Examination Fee

Students are required to pay examination fee to the university every semester. The examination fee is not included in any of the headings above and is payable at the time of examination registration.

Tuition for Independent Class

Students who receive NQ (Not Qualified) as a grade in the internal assessment will have to register for the independent class next year for that particular course in order to appear for the university exams. The tuition for the independent class is also Rs. 4,200.00 per credit and will be charged on top of the regular tuition for the semester.

MBS Payment Plan 2018

FeesAmount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee Rs. 25,000.00
University Registration & Services Rs. 10,000.00
Induction & Commencement Fee Rs. 9,000.00
Amount Payable on Admission Rs. 44,000.00
Level No. of Credit Hour per Semester Tuition per Credit Hour Tuition per Semester
1st Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4200.00 Rs.63,000.00
2nd Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4200.00 Rs. 63,000.00
3rd Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4200.00 Rs. 63,000.00
4th Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4200.00 Rs. 63,000.00

Tuition Deadlines and Late Payment Fine

All Thames students are required to make timely payment of their tuition every semester. All the semester tuition and fees has to be paid within 30 days from the first day of the semester.Students will be fined Rs. 50 per day if the tuition payment deadline is missed.


We recognize the academic achievements of our applicants through our scholarship award programs. Each year, the college commits significant institutional resources for grants and scholarships to assist students. If you are interested in applying for scholarship, please do so before the admissions. Scholarship Applications received after the admissions will not be entertained.

Chairman’s Scholarship Award

The Chairman’s Scholarship is a comprehensive award for outstanding new comers who enroll in one of the undergraduate programs offered at Thames. The Scholarship is renewable throughout the program.

HCED Need-Based Scholarship Award

HCED Scholarship Award is awarded by HCED to the incoming students at Thames who is academically strong but requires assistance to pay for the tuition. Interested students should fill up the form and attach it with the application form.

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