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December 26, 2017

Mr. Abdullah Tuncer Kececi, General Manager of Turkish Airlines visited Thames International College as apart of Thames Speaker Series Fall 2017. In the program Mr. Abdullah highlighted about his academic and professional career. His main focus in the second half of the session was on challenges he faced and is facing while working in Nepal.

He shared his experience of working during challenging situation like Mega Earthquake in 2015 to the fuel shortage and power cut which had tremendous impact on his business. He also highlighted about the tourism vision for Nepal and need of proper Infrastructure support from government to give good hospitality experience to the tourist visiting Nepal.n he also expressed concerned about the brain-drain that the country is facing as one of the big challenge and encouraged people to also reverse it and return and work in Nepal he thinks Nepal has tremendous potential in Tourism and Hydro-power sector. His final view was that the citizen should ask question to the government and make them responsible as Nepalese are too comfortable to work under a condition of accepting everything as everything is OK for them.