Reflective Leadership

It’s the period of the internet, social media, copious consumption, and millennials.

The way we perceive people, culture, ideologies, and agendas have transformed over time. Revolutions are created through the internet, by the people regardless of their ages. The initiators are the leaders and virtuous initiations will have supporters not limited to a certain territory. One such ground-breaking instigation by Greta Thunberg is one of the noteworthy examples. Leaders are individuals who have reflected on their habits and worked on strengthening their strong points and mending their weaknesses; hence this action of reflecting on one's habits has catapulted these individuals into becoming better leaders.

Thames International College arranged a prolific session on Reflective Leadership with Mr. Mohit Rauniyar for the first-year students. The session was facilitated and designed by Mr. Mohit Rauniyar.

Mr. Rauniyar is the Co-Founder and Director of Canopy Nepal, a social enterprise working in the field of education. He has been in the education field for the past 9 years working with students, teachers, and parents. His experience as a teacher in an interest-based school created to support underprivileged students from different parts of Nepal, instigated his passion for education when he realized education can be a turning point for those who do not have it. Mr. Rauniyar is also a part of Global Shaper Kathmandu, a community under the World Economic Forum, and he is actively consulting for various educational institutions in various countries.

The session on Reflective leadership initiated with the approach that everyone is a leader in some way or the other. When we reflect on the actions of people, we realize that these actions have impacts may it be small or big, such impactful events create leaders. The session was designed for aspiring leaders and initiators. The description of what and who is a leader is subjective, hence Reflective Leadership is a program designed for individuals to reflect on their experiences and create meaningful roadmaps for the future.

The program was divided into 21 sessions (9 group sessions & 12 one-on-one sessions) in total with reflective and thought-provoking assignments at the end of each week. Given the circumstances, the sessions were carried digitally from the 3 rd of December to the 21 st . The first week of the session covered topics focused on leadership traits, leadership mapping, and contemplating on most trivial yet powerful questions like ‘Who are you, really?’ and the ‘Leaders and leadership traits you want to follow’, followed by contents on leadership styles and similarities between a leader and the student.

The following weeks covered sessions that incorporated contents like critical points from the past, finding future actions, presenting your journey, reflections on your actions, connecting the dots , experiences, along with assignments focused on planning future steps and activities to understand and figure out future goals.

The last session concluded with personal experiences, presentations, reflections, and suggestions. One of the students who attended the session had shared that it was - "Productive, fruitful, & encouraging!" while one of the others suggested that it was - "Involving, reflecting & fun." Likewise, some of the feedback given by the attendees quotes, "More physical sessions, but sadly the pandemic [made things difficult]", "The session length could have been longer." The last day of the session was held at Thames premises for a meet and greet. The facilitator of the session, Mr.Rauniyar, hopes students will reflect on their past experiences and as they evolve to be better leaders learn from their experiences as well.

A well-defined testimony by SJ, a first- year student from Bachelors in Psychology quotes-

"The Reflective Leadership Program was focused primarily on honing our self-awareness and introspection as a leader. It taught me to be deliberate in my thought process and create tangible actions to achieve my goals. It helped me turn 'over thinking' into 'productive thinking'. I especially loved how interactive and informative the sessions were. It was a great opportunity to interact with my fellow participants and create a safe space of our own. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be a truly fruitful and rewarding experience."

Testimonial by Mahika Shrestha, a first- year student from Bachelors in Psychology