Academic Writing Skills Session

The Office of Student Affairs, Thames International College organized an educative session for the newly graduated students from the first year.

The session was scheduled for the 27th of December to the 30th of December, 2020 which was held virtually. The session was centered on Academic Writing Skills to prepare the freshly enrolled students for starting their undergraduate studies and assisting students on academic preparedness that will aid to improve their academic results in the long run.

The session was facilitated by Ms. Prasansa Subba, who has been working as a researcher since 2011. She has a wide experience working in different areas such as human trafficking, gender, psychosocial and mental health, conflict, and other humanitarian settings as well as torture, to name a few.

She was extensively involved in an 8 yearlong multinational research called PRIME out of which a mental health care package was developed and now endorsed by the government as a standard package for basic mental health services. She has independently led studies on cultural adaptation of tools and programmes.

She has authored and co-authored numerous academic articles in internationally recognized journals. Having completed her MPhil degree from Cape Town in 2017, she is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate at the University Of Liverpool, UK. The virtual online session covered the basics of academic writing, effective reading, tips and tricks to excel in writing, the protocols to writing research papers, citing, referencing, and on essentials to academic writing and plagiarism. A rigorous 4-day session progressed on the following session plan:
- Introduction to Academic Writing
- Organizing your writing
- Formulating a Research Title (PICOT)
- Literature Review (Database, BOOLEAN search term)
- Reference and Citations (Mendeley and Zotero)
- Plagiarism

Sajan Maharjan (Bachelors in Psychology) shares his insights on the session:

“I’ve always been a keen researcher, googling about a lot of things that were of fascination or of curiosity to me. But when I took the Academic Writing session, I understood that there was a whole academic library of literature reviews that were done by students, professors, researchers that was more reliable than any article I would find on google. And learning BOOLEAN Strategy, and getting introduced to sites like PubMed, JSTOR. It is going to help a lot in my future career and while writing. The classes in zoom were interactive, as we also were divided into groups and we discussed few assigned topics. Overall I really loved the session and found it very helpful. I always thought of writing as writing novels, a self-help book, and autobiography or as such but learned that academic writing was also very important and impactful, not commercially but academically.”