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    Bachelor in
    Information Management

As the business environment becomes increasingly global and information-centric, the need has increased for graduates who can understand and use technology that gathers and provides information, who are able to distil and recognize patterns in that information, and who can apply those analyses to achieve business objectives.

Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) will give you a well-rounded information management education to make you a more versatile and employable graduate. Today employers are looking for people with the intellectual and interpersonal skills that will help them contribute to innovation in the workplace. In this program, you will learn and study how businesses perform and acquire the fundamental skills required to adapt and succeed in a competitive graduate job market. Thames is one of the best IT colleges in Nepal which can provide you the skillful knowledge in technology.

The main objectives of the Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) program are:

  • To develop understanding of all aspects of management ranging from operation, human resource, marketing, strategy and accounting and finance.
  • To develop understanding of all aspects of existing and emerging information technologies and their impact on the Information system function.
  • To develop understanding of design and development of database applications using the latest technologies.
  • To develop understanding of the wider world: sociology, business environment, communication, economics, mathematics
  • To develop understanding of ethics and greater social responsibility.
  • To develop ability to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems.
Course Structure

Course Structure

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Evaluation & Grading



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Admission & Fees

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