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Classrooms, Meeting Rooms and Group Study Rooms

Thames College

Our classrooms are designed to meet the requirements of both the course and the faculty. Classrooms are audio-visually equipped with access to high-speed internet. All the class-rooms are furnished with comfortable chairs and desks and are suitable for adult students.

Besides classrooms, the college has 4 meeting rooms and 2 group study rooms to facilitate small class sizes. These rooms are used for small class sizes, tutorial classes and group works.

The IT Centre

Thames College

The IT Centre is a state-of-the-art computing facility equipped with more than 30 open access work stations. The IT Centre is open 6 days a week from 7am – 5pm and is operated by a dedicated staff under the supervision of Head of IT services. The Internet Stations in the library is also operated by the IT Centre.


Thames College

Situated at the top floor of the college building the auditorium is one of the busiest venues on campus. An air conditioned auditorium with the capacity of 120 people has a stage, a podium and is audio-visually equipped. The auditorium also has a terrace outside to hold after-event tea parties and networking events.

The auditorium is also a famous venue for NGOs, INGOs and the local bodies to hold workshops and conferences. The venue hosts many college level events including Thames Inter College Corporate Quiz, AMS Speaker Series and Word Mill.

Student Lounge

Thames College

A student lounge situated at the terrace is open for students for gathering, working in groups, studying and for relaxing between the scheduled classes. This comfortable space is equipped with comfortable furniture, background music, popular magazines and newspapers.


Thames College

Cafeteria offers a wide selection of dishes. The menu changes every day and caters for a variety of diets. Open from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, the cafeteria is a popular choice for meals and as a meeting point for students. The cafeteria also houses a drinking water refill station. Water goes through multiple filtration processes including “Reverse Osmosis” before it reaches the refill station.

Coffee Shop

Thames College

The Coffee Shop is situated at the terrace of Thames International College. Located outside of the auditorium, which is one of the busiest venues on campus, the coffee shop offers its services at subsidized rates and provides an avenue for interaction to students, faculty and guests. It is equipped with comfortable furniture, background music, popular magazines and newspapers.

Wi-Fi Campus

Thames College

Our campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled. You can access high speed internet of 8 Mbps from all corners of the campus be it cafeteria, class rooms, library or the parking lot.

Parking Facility

The college has a designated parking lot that can accommodate more than 100 motor bikes and scooters at any point of time.

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