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"COVID-19: The Science of Prevention and Outbreak Control"

May 28, 2021

Following the second wave of the ongoing virus, the COVID-19, different data spread across the web, numerous solid yet for the most part confounding and bogus ones. Individuals had different questions in regards to the topic and considering the disarrays circumventing, The Office of Student Affairs coordinated a session on "COVID-19: The science of prevention and outbreak control" 

The session was scheduled for 28th May (Friday), which was facilitated by Adarsh Man Sherchan, a Consultant Molecular Biologist /Conservation Genetics/Environment Researcher (RMIT University, Australia, PU: Nepal). Head of Operations at the Center for Molecular Dynamics-Nepal/Intrepid Nepal (2013-2020)/Consultant Project Manager: Biovac Nepal (2018-2020). Currently, the Principal Investigator of the Bagmati Biome Project. He also worked on several disease genomics/zoonotic disease/wildlife (terrestrial and aquatic) conservation projects for the past 8 years including and not limited to Nepal Tiger Genome Project (www.ntgp.org.np), Predict Global Zoonotic Disease Project (USAID/UC-Davis), Nepal Fish Biodiversity Project (fish.org.np/USAID/US Forest Service) and the PAANI project (USAID) including consulting for IFC at UT-1 Hydropower for eDNA analysis (environmental DNA).

The primary intention of the session was to "Ask the Expert" and answer different inquiries about the lethal virus from its development, to deterrent measures to inoculations, and above all busting the myths spreading online. The session centered on giving data on comprehension and forestalling bigger Covid flare-ups at the home and work environment. The facilitator additionally edified the participants on data in regards to test understanding, comprehension of the sickness, and security norms at home or office settings.