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"Stress Management and Self Care Workshop”

May 31, 2021

With the COVID-19 flare-up at the current time, in addition to the fact that people are confronted with difficulties in the everyday parts of their lives have been encountering fluctuated encounters of helplessness, depression, stress, detachment, grief, and anxiety. In this way, it is central for us on these moving occasions to deal with our emotional well-being, figure out how to adapt to the pressure that we experience, and all the more significantly; figure out how to remain positive. With this acknowledgment, and furthermore to drive mindfulness on the significance of passionate prosperity, the Office of Student Affairs organized a session on "Stress Management and Self Care”.

The session was scheduled for 31st May 2021, which was facilitated by ShrutiRana, Clinical Psychologist from Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal. 

All through the session, the facilitator-led different pressure on the executives' practices and taught the participants methods that would assist with overseeing stress or potentially anxiety. The session additionally granted the possibility that during these difficult stretches we should endeavor to be appreciative and advise ourselves that we are generally in the same boat and we will get past this.