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"Wipeout Hunger"

July 22, 2021

Helplessness, unemployment, and hunger were one of the most conspicuous conditions led by the ongoing virus. As the pandemic prolonged needless to mention many lost lives, jobs, hopes and the aftermath of the unemployment led to a decrease in the spending capacity of several.  Identifying the need of the moment Rotaract Club of Thames International College initiated a project – “Wipe Out Hunger”.

With the motive of providing food for the vulnerable people, the club conducted a 10-day program to help and provide food for the people in need targeting Pashupatinath, Lagankhel, and Koteshwor area who are not getting adequate nutritive food and are expected to face acute hunger, which may pose to a number of health risks due to the pandemic. This initiation was carried out successfully last year as well during the first pandemic on August 20.

The program commenced from 11th July to 21st July 2021, by the members of the club. Keeping in mind the precautionary measures, the volunteers were geared up with PPE Kits, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. The undertaking was a small yet impactful commitment and contribution to reducing street hunger.