• Asta  Sessions


Asta Sessions

The student lounge area felt different than ever before. Preparations for the much awaited Asta Session by music club of thames had begun by 2:00pm.  As the lounge area sparkled with the over head fairylights, the rustic seating floor plan with gundris on the floor and the tapestry backdrop on the stage accompanied by lit incense ambience made the vibe even more hip and relaxing. 

The gloomy skies made the lighting pop, even more, performances had begun but unfortunately, it started raining. Since the lounge had no roof, students were relocated to the auditorium and were promised a great show. With the help of other students and volunteers, the setup was relocated to Thames auditorium. The club members were so happy and grateful because despite the rain the audience didn’t bail, in fact they were constant with their positive and encouraging energy supporting the club.

The performances were enthralling, students sang along with the band High Hopes, a trio of Sokhin Singh, Samrik Bade, and Lazzu Shrestha, Grishma, Shreejana, SNJV also performed their solos. This platform was used by many of our student performers to sing their original songs and one of our students Lakpa Tamang aka. SNJV, who is also a singer/music producer did the first screening of his music video which was much enjoyed and appreciated by the audience. And just like that Asta session came to an end. 

Despite all odds, the thing that made this specific event special was the camaraderie and support that Thames students showed towards each other in said unsaid ways. Asta session will be a monthly event. It will not only provide students a platform for artists and their original songs that reflect their raw emotions but also allow students to socialize and enjoy the shared love of music at Thames. As Oscar Wilde puts it,  “Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.”