Book Talk with Narayan Wagle

On 5th March 2019, Thames international College organized a book talk with Mr. Narayan Wagle, author of the award-winning novel, 'Palpasa Café.' In a talk that was held in the David J Rusk Library at Thames, Mr Wagle introduced his latest book, 'Koreana Coffee Guff.'  

Author Narayan Wagle is an acclaimed journalist and was an editor of Kantipur Daily. His debut novel 'Palpasa Café,' sold over 40,000 copies, becoming the largest-selling novel in Nepali and receiving the Madan Puraskar, Nepal's most prestigious literary award. His second novel, 'Mayur Times,' is also critically acclaimed.

During his book talk, Mr. Wagle shared his experiences in South Korea that ultimately inspired him to write the book  'Koreana Coffee Guff'. "Travelling to South Korea during a time of outrage and strikes, I would write every day, which provoked me to write further, and the satisfaction of giving a voice to my experiences gave birth to the book," he said.

He describes 'Koreana Coffee Guff' as a creative non-fiction. The book is a montage of memories: sights, photos, sounds and texts. He also shared his secrets of writing his novels. He said, "I fictionalize facts, and it is my curiosity that has directed me towards writing this book."

He ended the book talk by emphasizing on curiosity, which he says creates a baseline of stories for potential writers.

Narayan Wagle
Narayan Wagle

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