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    Course Structure

Course Structure

Level Credited Courses
Fall Reading and Writing for College
Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning English
Nepali I
Theories of Rural Development
Logic, Evidence and Research
Spring Academic Writing
Nepali II
Computer Information System
Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology
National and International Insitutions
Quantitative Technique to Rural Development
Community Engagement

Level Credited Course
Fall Theoretical Perspective in Sociology and Anthropology
Society and Culture in Nepal
Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology
Perspective on Development
Spring Interactive Approach to Academic Reading
Contemporary Social Issues
Society and Culture in Nepal
Rural Economics of Nepal II
Management of Environmental Resources
Human Rights Studies
Community Service

Level Credited Course
Fall Statistical Package for Social Sciences
Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology
Rural Sociology
Government, Institution and Civil Society
Spring Senior Overview: Thesis
Philosophy of Religion
Rural Development: Approaches and Applications
Local Rural Governance
Perspectives and Development

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