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Thames International College provides an integrated experience for students across the campus and offers a variety of clubs and organizations to enrich student’s college life experience. Students have wonderful opportunity to be part of clubs and organization, enhance academic and non-academic abilities, and grow both personally and professionally.

A variety of organizations and clubs, formed and run by students exist at Thames to enrich your college life experience. Students involved in these organizations and clubs will be able to grow in their fields of interest, while also having an access to enhancing their academic programs through representation in the student clubs.

Student Organizations:

Interest Based Clubs:

Dance Club

The Dance Club at Thames provides an opportunity for students to practice dance skills, be engaged in dance performances.

The major activities of club include:

  • Flash mob.
  • Performances in different events.
Kriye Club

The Kriye Club is the creative body at the college that has been contributing to the promotion of arts and craft in college. The club contributes to decoration for different events conducted at the college, conducts art competitions, and exhibitions to promote art within college.

The major activities of club include:

  • Fashion Show: SANSKRITI.
  • Creation of paper tray for College.
Theatre club

The theatre club serves as a platform for the students interested in theatre. The theatre club conducts acting classes for its club members at college. After the session, the theatre club worked together to put on a production.

The major activities of club include:

  • Theater class.
  • Theater play.

Music Club

This club was formed to cater to the interests of all the music enthusiasts. The music club coordinates musical performances for different events at college.

The major activities of club include:

  • Jam Sessions.
  • Acoustic Day.

Emcee Club

This club was formed with the interest of a group of students enthusiastic about public speaking and emcee. In regards to this, the club conducts has been conducting various personality development training and public speaking training. The members work in clubs to present their ideas, in content building, being emcee in varied college events.

The major activities of club include:

  • Emcee at different events at Thames such as (Thames Business Gabfest, Nepal Social Work Symposium.)

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