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Diversity Day

Nepal is home to a multitude of religious, caste and ethnic groups. According to the 2011 census records, 123 languages and dialects are spoken in our country among 126 ethnic groups. Mutual coexistence, tolerance and cooperation have guided the people in attaining social cohesion, peace and happiness. To understand the secular and inclusive Nepalese society, Thames International College has been celebrating World Diversity Day on 21st May every year. Diversity Day at Thames celebrates differences in language, heritage, dress, cuisine and tradition.

Diversity Day is characterized by an open environment that welcomes, recognizes and seeks to understand different cultures. The main objective of celebrating Diversity Day at Thames is to recognize the abundant diversity of cultures, respect the differences among cultures, acknowledge the validity of different cultural expressions, value what other cultures offer, and empower people to strengthen themselves and celebrate each other's differences to foster unity in diversity.

Diversity Day features varieties of games, stalls, musical performances and fashion shows, followed by cultural dance performances. Teachers and students represent their cultures with cultural attires and cuisines. The highlight of the event is Sanskriti: The Fashion Show, which mingles modern day fashion with traditional fashion and showcases traditional attires of different ethnic groups.

Diversity Day 2019

Diversity Day 2019

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