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Induction Week

Induction Week at Thames is a week-long orientation session for freshmen. During the week, we introduce new students to our values, expectations and resources so that their entry into Thames’ college life is smooth and enjoyable.

During Induction Week, orientation sessions are held on the student’s handbook, services and facilities on campus, our rules and regulations, and opportunities for student engagement. Students will get to know each other, the faculty, and the Office of Student Affairs through games, activities and community service. Freshmen participation in the student orientation is mandatory.


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Sessions during Induction Week

Life at Thames: The Life at Thames session conducted by the Office of Student Affairs gives first-year students a look into their four-year journey at Thames. Students explore their interests and learn how to make the best use of the opportunities that Thames offers them. International educational trips, field-trips around Nepal, internship opportunities, and involvement in various student clubs and events are presented to students. Students reflect on their personal and educational interests to figure out what they would like to pursue and the areas in which they would like to grow during their time at Thames. Ice-breaking games and activities during this session also help first-years bond with the Office of Student Affairs as well as their class-mates.

Know your program: The Know your Program session is conducted for students under the School of Business and Technology as well as the School of Social Sciences. Information about the total credit hour requirements, evaluation policies, and information regarding Tribhuvan University's examinations and grading systems are outlined in detail for first-year students, so that they are able to prepare for their classes accordingly. Students are encouraged to share their expectations of Thames and are informed that their thoughts, suggestions and concerns are always welcome.

Thames Values: The Thames Values session introduces students to the values and cultures shared at Thames. Facilitated by the academic director, Mr. Sujan Kayastha, this session explores the liberal education philosophy at Thames as well as our focus on independent learning, a life-long commitment to personal growth, and social responsibilities. Students make a connection to the values at Thames while sharing their personal values with each other.

Community Service Program: At Thames, we believe that every individual should be capable of giving back to the society. As community service is a part of students' learning experience at Thames, first-year students start off their college experience by visiting the Shikrapur Sustainable Farmer's School in Pharping. Students get hands-on experiences with community projects, such as sustainable agro-farming and building cost-effective homes with waste materials. Along with engaging in the spirit of hands-on education, students also get a chance to explore livelihoods outside the valley.

Chapters of Thames: Chapters of Thames is facilitated by Thames Alumni for freshmen. Graduates provide an insight into the ways they have grown during their journey at Thames. In the past, Mohit Rauniyar, a graduate from Thames, guided students to reflect on the core values of Thames and compare them to their personal values. Working in teams, students made a map of their personal values and thought about how to practice them at Thames. This session facilitates self-reflection and an evaluation of personal values, while also creating an environment where first-year students are able to form strong friendships.

Media Literacy and Writing Workshop: The Media Literacy and Writing Workshop is a three-day interactive session conducted by Quixote's Cove for freshmen. The workshop seeks to develop reading skills, help students identify credible news sources, do research, and organize thoughts into clear and objective writing. This session involves exploring media, team work, and writing.

Club Orientation: A session where club representatives and the Student Council provide freshmen with information on club activities, club structures, and club membership at Thames. Freshmen will be able to explore their interests and decide which club they will want to join, and even have the option of starting their own interest-based club.

Learning Tools: The Learning Tools session at Thames helps students understand how to use the library and computer facilities offered to them at Thames. Conducted by the Office of Administration, this session familiarizes first-year students with the college email system, google applications, e-library system, and the Wifi systems.

Freshers Party: Every year, the Student Council at Thames organizes Freshers Party for welcoming first year students. The freshers party is held at popular resorts and includes performances from seniors and other fun events. Mr. Fresher and Miss Freshers is the key event conducted for first year students on this day.

Other Sessions: Other sessions include motivational sessions and presentation skills training. In the past, a talk on the 'Mind of a Champion', and presentation skills session facilitated by Ms. Sadikchya Singh was held. The motivational session was designed to inspire students to pursue their interests with a passion and motivate them to work on what they consider important was conducted while the two-hour Presentation Skills session introduced first-year students to public speaking, the art of structuring arguments, and the process of developing confidence to deliver a strong presentation. During this session, freshmen practiced posture, delivery of sentences, vocabulary and vocal variety to strengthen their public speaking skills.

Courses Offered to Freshmen

Freshmen at Thames will have access to courses that prepare them for college. These courses include academic writing, interactive approaches to reading, critical thinking, fundamentals of mathematics, and case based approach to learning. These courses will supplement the learning first year students do in class, and prepare them for greater academic achievements.

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