Management Club of Thames

The Management Club is a structured club of Thames international college. It consists of BODs, executive members and general members. The Management Club of Thames International College is established to transform students into innovative leaders and to make everyone understand the challenges of real world and value ethics, diversity and research. The Management Club helps to promote a culture of research and innovation among students and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. It focusses to promote a culture of critical thinking, debate and discussion among students and encourage leadership.


List of BOD

Shreejana Karki


Sushan Dangol

Vice President

Astha Sharma


Shreeya Shakya

Joint Secretary

Usha Shrestha


Safina Shrestha

Program Coordinator

Message from the president

Serve to encourage learning; the Management Club seeks to provide a platform for students of Thames by engaging them in various activities relating to business and technology. With the start of a new tenure, I am confident that working together with fellow BOD members and active members who have decided to contribute their efforts, talents and treasure will surely enlarge the club’s contribution in learning among students. We as a part of management club aspire to encourage learning through experience. By participating and being actively involved in various programs organized by the management club, we would like to encourage students to learn practically where they bring theoretical knowledge to practice.

Shreejana Karki