• Warm Up – A Reading and Writing Session


Warm Up – A Reading and Writing Session

Organized by the Office of Student Affairs and the Writing Center at Thames, Warm Up is a reading and writing workshop for the newly enrolled students of Social Sciences,

The session was held for the students to prepare them for the rigorous workload and start equipping them with the tools necessary for them to navigate the way forward. Throughout the session individual students will work towards writing a piece on their own and will be assisted by the reading, observing, talking, listening, and thinking they will do together. The session aims to deliver lifelong learning experiences and include a lot of learning, un-learning, and re-learning.

Students were divided into two groups and a four-day rigorous session was led by our Facilitator Ms. Nasala Chitrakar and the Tutors at the writing center.

The workshop was held at Thames premises on the second week of February strictly following the Covid-19 guidelines.


Each participating student will:

  • Be introduced to reading, writing, thinking, speaking, and listening as necessary skills to learn for their undergraduate studies.
  • Evaluate where they are in terms of the above skills and set goals for the coming year
  • Write an 800 to 1000 words essay individually
  • Learn to research through credible sources and write without plagiarizing
  • Be open to the possibilities of publishing their work

Day-wise session breakdown

  • Day 1: Ice-breaking, grouping, research, and reading focus
  • Day 2: Writing and Presentation focus
  • Day 3: self-workshop
  • Day 4: Editing, presentation, and goals