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  • December 2021
    Project Nyano
  • December 3rd,2021
    French 101

Speaker Series; In Conversation with Shristi K.C

“Striving through life as a visually impaired person gave me the courage and strength to fight for a cause that I believe is for me and other visually impaired persons”, says Shristi K.C, a motivational speaker, dancer, and founder of Blind Rocks. On...

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Portraits of Being

                                                   In an environment where diversity is cherished, not picked apart, Wri...

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Dashain Tihar Fest 2021

With wide smiles as the students in unisense sang along, “तालको पानी माछीले खानी पिरीम सित जाने कि नजाने…”, the energy levels of the crowd became contagious.  To keep the crowd entertained, while the Thames Emcee Club moderated the event, dance...

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Photoshop Training Workshop

As COVD-19 emerged, the world went virtual. This pandemic has made virtual spaces not only the new normal but also the next big thing. Regardless of your career choice, social media engagement is what both employers and customers are looking for.&nbs...

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"Wipeout Hunger"

Helplessness, unemployment, and hunger were one of the most conspicuous conditions led by the ongoing virus. As the pandemic prolonged needless to mention many lost lives, jobs, hopes and the aftermath of the unemployment led to a decrease in the spe...

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"Queer Community and Mental Health"

With the intention of commending diversity and spreading mindfulness about the LGBQI+ community, we committed to dedicating the entire month to celebrate “Pride Month”. Pride is celebrated in the month of June, as that was the month when the Stonewal...

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"Awareness on Queerness and Pride"

This Year on the Month of June we committed to celebrate Pride Month and to recognize the LGBTQI+ community within our college, the office of the Student Affairs organized a session on "Awareness on Queerness and Pride". ...

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"Stress Management and Self Care Workshop”

With the COVID-19 flare-up at the current time, in addition to the fact that people are confronted with difficulties in the everyday parts of their lives have been encountering fluctuated encounters of helplessness, depression, stress, detachment, gr...

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