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    Bachelor of Journalism
    and Mass Communication

journalismBachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a three year, six semester program, offered at Thames International College by the School of Social Sciences in affiliation with the Faculty of Humanities, Tribhuvan University. Students will have to complete 99 credit hours to graduate. Students will then be required to appear in a 14 course examination. Students are also required to appear for 14 course examinations which will lead to Bachelor of Arts degree from Tribhuvan University

With the increase in the number of media outlets, the demand for trained journalists is ever increasing. Designed in reference to the UNESCO’s model curricula for journalism education, the BJM program seeks to create journalists who have an understanding of the best journalistic practices by creating a culture of research, an understanding of information management and its role in the news media. Moreover, professional journalists practice strategic communication, as they work in advertising, public relations, and marketing along with areas such as development, health care, politics and entertainment. Students of BJM will learn how to communicate clearly, network, work in team, as well as become leaders in the field of journalism.

With a second major in sociology, students will have an in depth knowledge of society, becoming better acquainted with the world around them through the study of religion, psychology, and contemporary social issues. Students will develop journalistic integrity, with a sense of greater social responsibility and ethics, by being able to think clearly and critically analyze any given situation.

At the time of admission

Fees Amount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee
(Admission, University Registration, Induction
and Education Support Programs)

Semester wise fee breakdown

Level No. of Credit Hour
per Semester
Tuition per
Credit Hour
Tuition per
Due Date
1st Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4300.00 Rs.64,500.00 Fall, 2019
2nd Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4300.00 Rs.64,500.00 Spring, 2020
3rd Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs.4300.00 Rs.64,500.00 Fall, 2020
4th Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4300.00 Rs.64,500.00 Spring, 2021
5th Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4300.00 Rs.64,500.00 Fall, 2021
6th Semester 15 Credit Hours Rs. 4300.00 Rs.64,500.00 Spring, 2022

Admission Fees

All the students admitted to School of Social Sciences (SOSS) at Thames International College are required to make one- time payment of Rs. 82,970.00 at the time of admission. The Admission fee includes admissions, university registration, induction and education support program fees.

Tuition and Fees

Students are invoiced every semester for the number of credit hours taken in the respective semester. The tuition per credit hour is Rs. 4300.00. Students register for 15 credits every semester and complete 90 credit hours over the period of 3 years to graduate.

Examination Fee

Students are required to pay examination fee to the university every year. The examination fee is not included in any of the headings above and is payable at the time of examination registration.

Tuition for Independent Class

Students who receive NQ (Not Qualified) as a grade in the internal assessment will have to register for the independent class next year for that particular course in order to appear for the university exams. The tuition for the independent class is also Rs. 4300.00 per credit and will be charged on top of the regular tuition for the semester.


Student can receive a discount of 10% should they decide to pay the tuition fees of all 3 years during the time of admission.

Required General Education Courses (33 Credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
ENG101 Academic Writing I 3
ENG103 Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning English I 3
JMC102 Foundation of Journalism General Knowledge 3
ENG102 Academic Writing II 3
ENG104 Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning English II 3
NEP101 Nepali 6
ITC101 Computer Information System 3
ENG201 Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking 3
ENG202 Interactive Approach to Academic Reading 3
STT301 Statistical Package for Social Science 3

Required Journalism & Mass Communication Major Course (30 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
JMC101 Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication 3
JMC103 Reporting and Writing I 3
JMC201 Media Research 3
JMC202 Media: History, Law and Management 3
JMC203 Reporting and Writing II 6
JMC301 Reporting and Writing III: Advanced Journalism 3
JMC302 Public Relations, Advertising and Media Issues 3
JMC303 Media Internship 3
JMC304 Photography 3

Required Sociology Major 2 Course (30 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC105 Understanding Social World 3
SOC205 Sociological Theories I 3
SOC206 Dynamics of Nepali Society I 3
SOC207 Sociological Theories II 3
SOC208 Dynamics of Nepali Society II 3
SOC302  Research Methods in Sociology 3
SOC303 Sociology of Democracy, Diversity and Inequality I 3
SOC305 Sociology Senior Overview :Thesis 3
SOC306 Sociology of Democracy, Diversity and Inequality II 3

Required Elective Courses (6 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
SOW303 Development Perspective in Social Work 3
SOC304 Anthropology of Contemporary issues in Nepal I 3
SOW306 Internship 3
SOC307 Anthropology of Contemporary Issues in Nepal II 3

Applicants for the the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication at Thames will be reviewed through their applications, interviews, and the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) before being admitted. Thames offers scholarships to students requiring financial aid. Scholarships are awarded based on need, merit, and students’ performances.

Admission Process

Step 1: Get the application form from the Office of Admissions or Apply Online

Step 2: Submit your filled application form to the Office of Admissions at Thames. Please enclose the required documents, as mentioned on the form, and an application fee of Rs.1000 along with your application form. If you are applying online, you will have the application fee to pay on campus while you come for Thames Aptitude Query.

Please note that the Office of Admissions may reject your application if the seats for the program you wish to enroll in are already filled.

Step 3: While submitting your application forms, please make sure you book a date for the Thames Aptitude Test.

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Thames Aptitude Test (TAT)

All students interested in applying to Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication are required to appear on Thames Aptitude Test conducted by the Thames International College.

The test has four primary areas and each of these areas carry a 25% weightage. Student must secure a minimum of 40% in the Thames Aptitude Test. Students will be tested on areas of Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, and General Awareness.

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