mbsMasters of Business Studies for professionals is a two year, four semester graduate program. The program is offered at the Thames International College by the Center for Continuing Education in affiliation with the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. These masters programs offer an expert learning strategy that enables students to think strategically while providing career growth.

An online learning platform and virtual classes are also available, which provides easy access to course materials and options for studying online. Facilities like corporate training solutions, career counseling, and job placements are parts of this program.

Targeted at busy executives and working professionals, the class hours are flexible. We offer MBS morning classes, MBS evening classes, and MBS weekend classes to fit class hours into busy work schedules. Class hours are two hours a day.

Your Masters Choice:
  • Masters of Business-Marketing
  • Masters of Business-Finance
  • Masters of Business-Accountancy
  • Masters of Business-General Management

Admission Fees

All the students admitted to the Center for Continuing Education run by School of Business and Technology (SOBT) at Thames International College are required to make one- time payment of Rs. 44,000.00 at the time of admission. The Admission fee includes admissions, university registration, education support program fees.

Tuition and Fees

Students are invoiced every semester for the number of credit hours taken in the respective semester. The tuition per credit hour is Rs. 3,300.00. MBS students register for 15 credits in all 4 semesters.

MBS Payment Plan 2020

Fees Amount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee
(Admission, University Registration, Induction and Education Support Programs)
Rs. 44,000.00


No. of Credit Hour per Semester

Tuition per Credit Hour

Tuition per Semester

Due Date

1st Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,300.00

Rs. 49,500.00

Fall, 2019

2nd Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,300.00

Rs. 49,500.00

Spring, 2020

3rd Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,300.00

Rs. 49,500.00

Fall, 2020

4th Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,300.00

Rs. 49,500.00

Spring, 2021

Note: We charge for 15 credit hours per semester for 60 credit hours course of MBS

Tuition Deadlines and Late Payment Fine

All Thames students are required to make timely payment of their tuition every semester. All the semester tuition and fees have to be paid within 30 days from the first day of the semester. Students will be fined Rs. 50 per day if the tuition payment deadline is missed


There are three categories of scholarships in MBS program:

  1. Students who are working professional are given 10,000/- scholarship per semester.
  2. Students who are Thames alumni are given 40,000/- scholarship at the time of admission.
  3. Students who are Thames alumni as well as working professionals are given 40,000/- scholarship at the time of admission as well as 10,000/- scholarship per semester.

Required General Education Courses (33 Credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
ENG101 Academic Writing I 3
ENG103 Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning English I 3
PSY101 Psychology 3
ENG102 Academic Writing II 3
ENG104 Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning English II 3
NEP101 Nepali 6
ITC101 Computer Information System 3
ENG201 Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking 3
ENG202 Interactive Approach to Academic Reading 3
STT301 Statistical Package for Social Science 3

Required Rural Development Major Course (30 credit)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
RDS101 Theories and Approaches of Rural Development 3
STT101 Research for Beginners 3
ECO201 Rural Economy I 3
RDS201 Introduction to Rural Resources & Environment 3
ECO202 Rural Economy II 3
RDS202 Management of Environmental Resources 3
SOC301 Rural Sociology 3
RDS301 Government, Institutions and Civil Society 3
RDS302 Rural Development: Approaches and Applications 3
RDS303 Local Rural Governance 3

Required Social Work Major 2 Courses (30 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
SOW101 Concepts and Principles of Social Work 3
SOW102 Social Work Practicum I 3
SOW201 Methods of Social Work 3
SOW202 Integrated Social Work  Practice 3
SOC203 Seminar on Contemporary Social Issues 3
SOW204 Social Work Practicum II 3
SOW301 Social Welfare Administration 3
SOW302 Research Methods in Social Work 3
SOW 304 Social Work Senior Overview: Thesis 3
SOW 305 Social Work Practicum III 3

Required Sociology Major 2 Course (30 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC105 Understanding Social World 3
SOC205 Sociological Theories I 3
SOC206 Dynamics of Nepali Society II 3
SOC207 Sociological Theories II 3
SOC208 Dynamics of Nepali Society I 3
SOC302  Research Methods in Sociology 3
SOC303 Sociology of Democracy, Diversity and Inequality I 3
SOC305 Sociology Senior Overview :Thesis 3
SOC306 Sociology of Democracy, Diversity and Inequality II 3

Required Elective Courses (6 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
SOW303 Development Perspective in Social Work 3
SOC304 Anthropology of Contemporary issues in Nepal I 3
SOW306 Internship 3
SOC307 Anthropology of Contemporary Issues in Nepal II 3

Applicants for the the Masters of Business Studies at Thames will be reviewed through their applications, interviews, and the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) before being admitted. Thames offers scholarships to students requiring financial aid. Scholarships are awarded based on need, merit, and students’ performances.

Admission Process

Step 1: Get the application form from the Office of Admissions or Apply Online

Step 2: Submit your filled application form to the Office of Admissions at Thames. Please enclose the required documents, as mentioned on the form, and an application fee of Rs.1000 along with your application form. If you are applying online, you will have the application fee to pay on campus while you come for Thames Aptitude Query.

Please note that the Office of Admissions may reject your application if the seats for the program you wish to enroll in are already filled.

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