Masters of Business Studies is a two year, four semester graduate program. The program is offered at the Thames International College by the Center for Continuing Education in affiliation with the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. The program offers an expert learning strategy that enables students to think strategically while providing career growth.

An online learning platform and virtual classes are also available, which provides easy access to course materials and options for studying online. Facilities like corporate training solutions, career counseling, and job placements are parts of this program.

Targeted at busy executives and working professionals, the class hours are flexible. We offer MBS morning classes,  to fit class hours into busy work schedules. 

Program Features

1. Flexible Online Learning

All the classes taught online through My Thames powered by  Fuseclassroom, USA. All the classes taught online are recorded  and are made available to access it anytime. You can also access  all the resources, notes, assignments and quizzes virtually at your convenient time.

2. Affordable

Thames MBS the most affordable graduate business program  compared to other similar master’s program. With the inaugural  scholarship available for all students, you can complete your  Master’s degree in just Rs.139,000.00 from the prestigious Thames International College.

3. Semester System

Thames MBS for professional is a semester based program with 60 credit hours and is equivalent to Master’s program of any university in the world.

4. Recognition

Thames MBS for professionals is offered in affiliation with Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s oldest and most recognized university. It is also the most commonly accepted path for career advancement in both private and governmental organization.

Program Structure

Required Major Courses (51 Credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
Financial Management
MKT511 Marketing Management 3
ECO512 Managerial Economics 3
MGT513 Human Resource Management 3
MSC514 Statistical Methods 3
MGT515 Organizational Behavior
MSC517 Production and Operations Management 3
ACC517 Management Accountancy 3
MGT518 Business Environment
MGT519 Managerial Communication 3
Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control
Research Methodology
International Business
Strategic Management

Required Specialization Courses - Finance (9 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
FIN250 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 3
FIN251 Commercial Bank Management 3
FIN252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets 3
FIN253 Fundamentals of Investment 3
FIN254 Insurance and Risk Management 3

Required Specialization Courses - Marketing (9 credits)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
MKT685 Consumer Behavior 3
MKT686 International Marketing 3
MKT687 Brand Management 3
MKT688 Sales Management 3
MKT689 Retail Management 3
Services Marketing
Advertising and Promotion Management
Rural Marketing

Admission Fees

All the students admitted to the Center for Continuing Education run by School of Business and Technology (SOBT) at Thames International College are required to make one- time payment of Rs. 44,000.00  Rs. 22,000.00/- at the time of admission. The Admission fee includes admissions, university registration, education support program fees.

Tuition and Fees

Students are invoiced every semester for the number of credit hours taken in the respective semester. The tuition per credit hour is Rs. 3,900.00. Rs. 1950.00/-  MBS students register for 15 credits in all 4 semesters.

MBS Payment Plan 2021

Fees Amount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee
(Admission, University Registration, Induction and Education Support Programs)

Rs. 44,000.00  

Rs. 22,000/-


No. of Credit Hour per Semester

Tuition per Credit Hour

Tuition per Semester

Tuition after 50% Inaugural Scholarship

1st Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,900.00

Rs. 58,500.00

 Rs. 29,250.00

2nd Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,900.00

Rs. 58,500.00

 Rs. 29,250.00

3rd Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,900.00

Rs. 58,500.00

 Rs. 29,250.00

4th Semester

15 Credit Hours

Rs. 3,900.00

Rs. 58,500.00

 Rs. 29,250.00

Note: We charge for 15 credit hours per semester for 60 credit hours course of MBS


All students are eligible for 50% inaugural scholarship on tuition fees and admission fees for the year 2021.

Commencement Fee 

Commencement Fee of Rs.5,000.00 will be automatically charged on the final semester on top of the tuition and fees.

Certain academic criteria have to be met for applicants to enroll in a program at Thames International College. While academic competence is an important requirement, Thames International College seeks students who believe in a hands-on learning approach, who want to develop into innovative learners and professionals, and who we believe can fully benefit from the facilities we provide. Students applying for MBS program at Thames must meet following criteria to be eligible for the program

Minimum Academic Requirements (Bachelor's degree)

  • Successfully completed Bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Should have passed CMAT entrance exam conducted by TU. 

Applicants for the the Masters of Business Studies at Thames will be reviewed through their applications, interviews, and the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) before being admitted. 

Admission Process

Step 1: Get the application form from the Office of Admissions or Apply Online

Step 2: Submit your filled application form to the Office of Admissions at Thames. Please enclose the required documents, as mentioned on the form, and an application fee of Rs.1000 along with your application form. If you are applying online, you will have the application fee to pay on campus while you come for Thames Aptitude Query.

Please note that the Office of Admissions may reject your application if the seats for the program you wish to enroll in are already filled.

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