• Registration Open! Thames Assemblage 2022


Registration Open! Thames Assemblage 2022

Warm greetings from Thames International College!


Thames International College is pleased to invite you to Thames Assemblage 2022 to be held on July 7-8, 2020 at The Taragaon Museum in Kathmandu.


Thames Assemblage 2022 is bringing together the three annual flagship events at Thames International College: Nepal Social Work Symposium, Thames Business Gabfest and Art Carnival. The Assemblage will be held at The Taragaon Museum on July 7 and 8, 2022, and will gather leading experts, practitioners, intellectuals and students to deliberate upon various issues and ideas through interdisciplinary lenses, as relevant to the dynamic environment we live in. It will also bring together students in a celebration of their artistic expressions.

Academics, public intellectuals, civil society leaders, politicians, civil servants, non-profit professionals, activists, social workers, media personalities, entrepreneurs, business thinkers, strategists, technologists, economists, writers, poets, artists, and educators are invited as guest speakers. This year, Thames is making an effort to invite speakers and address topics we feel would resonate with young, aspiring students.

Students as young as high school students can participate in the symposium as audience members and workshop participants. Particularly, students from undergraduate social sciences, and business and technology schools, will greatly benefit from the ideas presented at the assemblage.

The two-day event features plenary sessions, panel discussion, book talk, photo exhibition poetry sessions etc.


We look forward to the active engagement of not just Thames students but also students outside Thames in this Assemblage. 

Please find the registration form links below - 

Registration for Thames Assemblage is now open!

Registration deadline: 30th June, 2022

Registration form link for Thames Students/Faculty - https://docs.google.com/.../1sDBKgSUMsfa83RV0qF9j.../edit...

Registration form link for individuals other than Thames Student/Faculty  - https://docs.google.com/.../1EDj3waTUbH1y5a9w.../viewform...

Kindly note that we have separate registration form link for Thames Students/faculty, and separate registration form link for individual outside Thames student/faculty. Please pay attention while filling out the form.

Event Details-

Day 1: 7th July, 2022

Day 2: 8th July, 2022

Time: 10:00 am onwards

Venue: Taragaon Museum


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me via email: soss@thamescollege.edu.np or sobt@thamescollege.edu.np