Social Work Club of Thames

Social work is one of the structured clubs of Thames International College. The Social Work Club of Thames exists to provide opportunities to the students to be part of different types of community services. The Social Work Club strives to bring students together from diverse backgrounds and faculties to unite them under the common objective of providing service.

The social work club provides opportunities to the students especially from the BA faculty to apply their theoretical learnings into practice. The main objective of the social work club is to promote the concept of social work, spread awareness regarding various social issues and bring about positive changes. Organizing various events like symposium, human rights day etc.and participating in it helps the students to learn various important things and also helps them to actively work on bringing about changes in the society. Not only this but social work also celebrates festivals like Christmas bringing together the students of the college and providing a refreshment for them breaking their monotonous schedule.

Social work club like other clubs of Thames has its own key events, agendas and objectives. Along with this it also collaborates with other clubs in events whenever possible.


List of BOD

Prasanna Sharma

Usha Pokhrel

Vice President

Samiksha Das


Sanjivani Gurung

Joint Secretary

Samyata Shakya


Tshering Lama

Joint Treasurer

Aashish Mishra

Executive member

Ritika Sapkota

Executive member

Paulas Shrestha

Executive member

Parul Rana

Executive member

Message from the current president

“Firstly, I am really grateful to be the representative of the social work club of Thames for the tenure 2021-2022. The previous year has been very difficult for everyone due to the onset of the pandemic and the club was compelled to function virtually which was a hindrance to its effectiveness. Now, the situation is comparatively better. Thus, the new team is prepared to work both physically and virtually. Our goal is to focus not only on the key events of the club but also bring out additional new ideas and events. We have planned to come up with programmes that focus on spreading awareness about various social issues. Another one of the agendas is to come up with ideas that can engage as many students as possible. The new team of the social work club is very enthusiastic. We are very excited for the new tenure and we will try our level best to fulfill all the agendas and objectives of the social work club of thames.”