Thames Theatre Club

Theatre Club (TTC) “We Act Out” is one of the interest-based clubs of Thames International College which has been promoting theatre culture in Thames for the past 6 years. The club engages in drama competitions, theatrical plays, skits, mime, etc. TTC was formed on January 16th, 2016 with just two members on board. Since then, more than 80 students have been involved in TTC and performed plays not just inside the campus but also in different drama theatres across Nepal. Thames Theatre Club not only promotes theatre culture but also provides an extensive theatre and acting workshop with an aim to explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkages between different forms of performing arts. This workshop is led by distinguished artists from renowned theatre groups and guest lectures from eminent theatre personalities. The primary focus of the club is to provide a platform for undiscovered talents and create an environment where budding artists can explore and engage in their true passion for performing arts. TTC has been a successful foundation for many interested students wanting to sketch a career in any form of performing arts.


List of BOD

Aditi khanal


Bishal Magar


Nabina Ranabhat