TDC Club

Who Are We

Thames Theatre Club, a place for minds that are capable of giving life to a range of characters, stories and worlds. A thriving community that works with creativity, discipline and above all unity, to create a platform for the artistic portrayal of one’s reality. Our focus is on showcasing art in various forms, and we pride ourselves on providing a home where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

TTC is a space for personal and professional growth. We offer a diverse range of productions, from short skits, workshops, to full-length plays, and encourage members to participate actively in order to develop their skills and knowledge. Similarly we also require students to step out of their comfort zone and trace their talent to the deepest roots of their being. It’s a great opportunity to learn from others, build your confidence, hone your craft, and express creatively.

So once be part and never feel apart.

Words of President

Hello Theatre Enthusiast / Greetings fellow admirer of the stage

Allow me to introduce myself – Nabina Rana Bhat, at your service, presiding over the Thames Theatre Club during the term of 2023-2024.

My love for theater has grown a lot during my three years with TTC. It might surprise you, but I never had any interest in acting before joining. However, becoming part of TTC felt like an exciting new adventure for my college journey. I can still vividly remember my first interaction with the team and how welcome they made me feel in the auditorium.

After one rehearsal, I hopped on the tampo and watched people closely - how they talk, stare, and what they might be thinking. It was a bunch of questions in my head. Later, when I got my role in the play, I realized that moment on the tampo was like a sneak peek into the magic of theater. It helped me understand my character better and appreciate the small moments in life.

Now, let me tell you about Thames Theatre Club. It's a place where you can learn acting, writing, directing, speaking, and even management and communication skills. The club's leadership team(BOD) is usually made up of active members who have dedicated their time in the past. TTC is a diverse group of people with a shared passion for theater. It's a space where you can develop your skills, meet amazing people, and create wonderful memories.

I really want to emphasize that joining TTC for your college years is a fantastic idea. I'm super excited about our plans for this term. We're working hard to make TTC even better, especially considering the unique circumstances of this year. We promise that everyone who becomes part of TTC will have an incredible experience.

Once a part, never feel apart.