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Your Thames journey is unique and will be personalized to you. This starts the moment you get in touch with us and continues through graduation and beyond. You’ll have a dedicated counselor to guide you through the application process. They’ll advise you on how to apply, schedule your college visit and explain you everything you need to know to get admitted to Thames.

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Thames International College offers counseling and guidance for their admission process. Prospective students can schedule an appointment with the counseling team to get information about academic programs and opportunities at the college. This helps them make informed decisions about their future.


Scholarship programs are an excellent opportunity for college students to receive financial assistance to help fund their education. Colleges often offer a variety of scholarship programs to attract talented and deserving students who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of tuition. Here are some examples of scholarship programs that colleges may offer:

Students must submit an application with their academic transcripts, test scores, essays, and recommendation letters to apply for scholarships. Some scholarships require additional materials or an interview. It is crucial to research available scholarships and apply for all eligible ones to decrease financial stress and focus on studies and activities.

Chairman’s Merit Scholarship Award

The Chairman’s Merit Scholarship is a comprehensive award for outstanding newcomers who enroll in any of the undergraduate programs offered at Thames. The scholarship is renewable throughout the program.

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Aspiring Entrepreneur Scholarship

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Scholarship Award was created to encourage entrepreneurship in a new generation of students. Students who wish to pursue an undergraduate studies in entrepreneurship (Bachelor of Business Management –Entrepreneurshi...

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Information Technology Scholarship Award

Information Technology Scholarship Award was created to encourage the study of information technology to fulfill the ever-growing market demand for Information technology graduates. Students who wish to pursue an undergraduate studies in Informati...

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Thames Need Based Scholarship

Thames Need-Based Scholarship Award is awarded by the college to the incoming students who are seeking pursue undergraduate degree in any of the programs offered by Thames International College.This scholarship is renewable throughout the program....

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Thames Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship Award

Thames Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship is awarded to students whose family income is very low and cannot afford to continue their education without substantial financial support. This scholarship is for throughout the program.

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Early Bird Scholarship

Leap ahead of your peers by applying early! With our Early Bird Scholarship, you can showcase your proactive approach and secure up to Rs 40,000 in financial support. Don't miss this opportunity to stand out and make your mark at Thames College.

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Work Study Program

Gain practical experience and earn while you learn through our exciting Work Study Program. Immerse yourself in real-world projects, expand your skill set, and receive financial support. We believe in providing a holistic education combining classroo...

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Smart Saving Scheme

Gain the ultimate financial advantage by paying the total fee upfront and unlock an exclusive 15% discount. Take control of your educational investment and enjoy significant savings with this limited-time offer.

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