Admission Process

Thames International College seeks bright, capable, and motivated students who are ready to take advantage of our facilities. As a highly selective institution, we seek to develop a complete picture of all the applicants and what they will bring to our college. While the applicant’s academic performance has the largest bearing on the admission process, the application, interview, group discussions, and entrance tests are also taken into account for better evaluation.

The Admission process at Thames International College begins with counseling and guidance. Once you reach out to us, either through e-mail, phone call, social media or by visiting the college, an appointment will be scheduled for an appointment with our counseling team for an advisory session that will provide you with required information about the programs offered at Thames, the Office of Student Affairs, and other academic and interest based opportunities at Thames to help you make informed choices.

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Connect with our admission counselor to get support on your inquiries and admission procedures.

Fees and Cost

Fees and payment plans at Thames vary according to which program you wish to enroll in. Please find your payment plan for your choice of program.

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Student Life

Thames provides a platform for students to come and start up programs that spark their interest. Whether it is managing a student club, bringing in co-curricular, extracurricular activities, recreational programs, or initiating a social project, the Office of Student Affairs ensures that students’ ideas are met with consideration.

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Where are you located? What’s the location of this college?

Thames International College is located at Old Baneshwor, Battisputali, Surya Bikram Gyawali Marg.
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What programs do you offer?

What is the fee structure like?

Refer to the website for updated fee structure. Choose your program:

Is there any kind of scholarship available?

Scholarships are based on grades of the students. Students with 3.0 GPA or more are awarded with Chairman’s Merit Scholarship Award and students achieving 2.6 GPA or more are eligible to apply for Thames Need Based Scholarship Award. Besides, there is also government scholarship available.

Is government scholarship available?

Yes, the college has provisions for government quota. Government quota is available to students who have studied in government school or government colleges.

Is CMAT required? Can I study BBA/ BIM/ BBM without CMAT?

Indeed, CMAT is the entrance examination conducted by the University and it is mandatory to pass the exam to study programs like BBA, BIM, BBM.

How much does a university entrance preparation course cost?

Thames International College runs CMAT preparation classes for BBA, BIM, BBM and BCA programs and BCA entrance preparation classes for BCA program which prepares students for the entrances conducted by TU for respective programs. The university entrance examination preparation cost at Thames is NPR. 3000/- only/-

I am outside of the valley. How can I apply?

First of all, you can fill the application form which is available at our website. Secondly, you can visit the college after returning to the valley for more information about the admission process and to apply, you must visit the college for an interview. If you cannot visit the college, there is also a facility for online interviews which you can attend from your home.

I heard we don’t necessarily have to study in college from which we give our BCA entrance exam / CMAT e. Is it true?

TU conducts CMAT and BCA entrance examinations for BBA, BIM, BBM and BCA respectively. Entrance forms are available at various colleges affiliated to TU. Students can choose to fill the forms from any colleges. Likewise, students don’t necessarily have to study in the college where they attend the preparation classes or fill the forms from.

Is CMAT required for BCA?

No, CMAT is not required for BCA. However, TU conducts separate entrance examinations for the BCA program which is mandatory to pass.

How to apply

Step 1: Apply Online
Step 2: Pay your Application Fee
Step 3: Appear for an interview
Step 4: Accept the offer letter
Step 5: Pay admission fee

Applying Online

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