Thames is a wonderful platform for students who are looking to learn new skills and adapt to the real world. One of the things that I admire most of Thames is the student life that helped me balance my life as a student and as a professional. The student-centric environment at Thames helped me start a student magazine, the Yearbook, and conduct many events and activities that helped me grow as a professional. Some of the faculty members at Thames are top-notch who are close to me as mentors and as friends and the level of support that I received from them was admirable for a raw individual I was just when I joined Thames. I believe Thames has prepared us to become a socially responsible citizen which also allowed me to start a social enterprise named Canopy Nepal to work in education for underprivileged children and to promote interactive learning in schools. Some of the courses and workshops that I was exposed to completely changed me as a person and the way I think and perceive things to which I am thankful even today.

Mohit Rauniyar

Canopy Nepal

If I had a chance, I would relive "Thames Life"! Be it the academic service, be it the faculty and the platform that the Thames provided in three years' time, I was gearing up to venture into the professional world.

Simran Silpakar

Co-Founder | Astitwa Nepal
Board of Directors | Danfe Works Enterprises Nepal
Country Team Committee | Fashion Revolution Nepal
Content Creator | Timro Concept Store | Timro Academy | Timro Expeditions

"The School of Social Sciences, Thames International College really provided me with a holistic learning experience, whether it was understanding the governance system, volunteering for different non-profit organizations, or challenging the existing norms of society with critical thinking. I really believe the institution helped me grow into the woman I am today, by nudging me in the right direction and instilling in me a sense of constant and lifelong learning. I will always be a proud alumna to have been associated with such a distinctive institution."

Kartika Yadav

Planning Officer
International Assistance Coordination Section
Economic Management Division
National Planning Commission

2013 was the year when my journey at the Thames commenced. It was the turning point of my life. Back then, I was naïve, inquisitive and had the zeal to excel in my career. All these traits were fulfilled at the Thames. The teacher’s passion for what they do and the constant encouragement never made me look back and always strived to do better. Thames provided me with experiential learning, an incredible amount of resources, guidance and opened a golden gate to practice my educational ideal and passion. If you are looking for the same, I assure you, you are in the right place.

Sulab Baral


Thames has been home away from home for me with a very warm and friendly environment. I have never felt left out as they have always assisted and encouraged me to perform better at my studies. Their constant effort to bring more extracurricular activities has provided me with plenty of opportunity to build meaningful connections and network to support my work today. Thanks to their understanding and unbiased culture which has always made me feel deeply connected with Thames family.

Pushpa Sthapit

Upcycle Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Revive)

Four years at Thames was a life changing experience that I will cherish forever. Learning opportunities at Thames was beyond just completion of academic credit hours. Distinctive events and activities offered by the college to polish and outshine the students on the process of developing career personally and professionally is commendable. Decision of perusing BBA at Thames proved to be a pool of opportunities where I could explore the process of learning globally. Various events like book talk, Thames day, May fair, language classes, workshop and guest lectures made outstanding remarks to create thrilling atmosphere for learning. I express my gratitude to the college, teachers and friends for being the part of my glorious year at Thames.

Bibek Sanjel

Marketing Executive,
Lalitpur Hatchery Pvt Ltd.

For me, The best thing about the Thames is its; open culture. The class timings were so flexible that I was able to start working early. This gave me an edge as I was able to gain crucial experience while I was attending college and by the time I reached the 8th semester I had already got a full-time job at Leapfrog. I liked the college's motto of self-learning and I found that there's so much you can learn beyond the classroom. The college never forced any ideas upon us but rather helped us make our own decisions.

I enjoyed the diversified experience during my college years. Having students from different academics under the same space meant I was able to attend events related to social works or business or even go and listen to writers tell their stories. Book talks were one of my favorite things at Thames.. This helped me experience things beyond my field of study and made me see things differently.

Rohit Jung Karki

Software Engineer,
Leapfrog Technology

Thames has been creating opportunities for learning beyond regular classroom. Being an athlete at Thames College has shaped my college experience in ways I never expected, and I am incredibly thankful for this learning experience. Initially, I faced some challenges in balancing my academics and athletic career however, the unique learning environment at Thames has guided me to take both my academics and athletic career hand in hand. Being able to play sports both in and out of college has been a voice to a socially awkward person like me. Looking back at the highlights of my college life, I was able to form a women’s basketball team at college and we were able to win several basketball tournaments. I was continuously challenged to play hard, work in a team, and always strive towards growth. If you want to come to a college where you will grow exponentially as an individual, as a student, as a leader, and as an athlete (and yes, you can do it all), then Thames is entirely worth your consideration."

Shreya Khadka


Current Student

Thames International College brings an enormous opportunity of reflecting through art, which is a way of life itself. My decision of stepping into Thames Theatre Club (TTC) was completely unplanned. Once I finally got affiliated in the club and found myself indulging myself in arts and emotions, it changed my perception of theatre completely. Nevertheless, the privilege of acknowledging myself as the coordinator of TTC was an entire different step to carry forward. With TTC, I got the opportunity to perform various short plays, production and got to connect with audiences. Moreover bagging first position in Inter-College Drama Competition was surreal. It was such an honor to be part of an enormous victory where our perseverance and hard work radiated on the stage. What a delightful happiness to the team, to the club and to the college itself. Perhaps, the fact that it was a TEAM that succeeded.

"You never know until you try" which is exactly what Thames holds in regards to art and culture. Because at Thames, students dance their hearts out and feel the music that fuels the soul. If we were to live without creating boundaries for ourselves and start indulging in various art platforms that Thames offers, each one of us would really become strong and independent graduates.

Deshna Thapa Magar


I have always been someone who likes to collect experiences from everything as much as possible. Before joining Thames, I wanted to bring out the best in me and gave myself this 4- year time period to groom and come out as a responsible professional and personal individual.

Had I not joined Thames, doing what I had aimed would have been difficult. I believe that Thames has given students every opportunity to standout and evolve as an entity. This has been one of the main reasons for my personal growth and development. To be honest, the main reason why I joined Thames was because of its boundless exposure and opportunities. Initially as a freshman, I was very enthusiastic so I volunteered to be part of everything I found interesting. I became the general member of three structured clubs as well as other unstructured clubs. The pressure to complete the tasks was persistent but I don’t regret any bit of it. I gave it a shot and became one of the members of the yearbook team. I participated in different sessions and programs as well. Currently, I’m an official member of the student council as a secretary and I’m learning new things every day. We have our own unique mission in life that only we can do, so we need to make the best out of it.

Jessika Basnet


From changing different schools to my parents signing agreements which stated the schools will not be held responsible in case of accidents, I had always been carefree when I was with my friends but anxious with strangers. I was differently abled since birth and I always felt incomplete inside my heart.

After completing my higher secondary degree, I started sorting out colleges for further studies. Since I was actively involved in a social organization as a volunteer, I was keen on becoming a social worker. I shortlisted a few colleges, but when I came to Thames College for my interview I was fascinated by the way the panel team motivated me and offered me a scholarship which was very encouraging. I was not expecting that at all. This is one of the proudest moments of my life. Some disadvantages surrounded by being differently abled was for instance taking some moment before I speak. The teachers and my friends started to understand this weakness, were patient and made me comfortable allowing me to speak whenever I can. Thames College has provided me a comfortable study environment and motivated me to continuously move forward in my path of becoming a successful social worker.

Rewati Karki


Thames has a distinct academic curriculum unlike other institutions in Kathmandu. The institution not only focuses on academia, but also provides exploratory subjects consisting of drama, art, foreign language, technology, field trips et al. Therefore, apart from academics, I have a rich variety of related arts offerings to choose from. My involvement in the theatre club and the college magazine editorial team has prepared me to work as a team whereby I can foster my creativity and take in interesting perspectives. It has also helped me build my communication skills for my journalism major and apply that knowledge to future endeavors. The other exploratory opportunity that I got here is my trip to France for an intercultural experience. We visited Montpellier and Paris where we were enrolled in french class. It was interesting to see and be a part of the culture which gave me a new perspective.

Manshun Neupane


As every first year student, I was quite nervous about this transition into a new academic life. The transition is certainly huge, specifically in regards to the coursework which is comparatively difficult than that of high school. Till date I’ve managed to balance and have been able to keep myself dedicated to the courses. The courses have offered me with new skills and knowledge in many ways. The courses have taught me about online research and proper ways of writing a paper. Along the way I have learnt the significance of punctuality and enhanced my organizational skills for studying.

Additionally, athletics has always been a very big part of my life which led me to getting engaged in playing basketball at Thames. Having the opportunity to engage in basketball or any other sport related activities is something that I absolutely love about my college life here. Basketball at Thames has really helped me improve interpersonal and social communication skills that I apply at present. I made a lot of good friends through basketball; whether they were on my team, the opposing team or just admirers in the crowd. Bagging first position in basketball competition organized by the Rotaract club of Thames this semester was the most memorable and competitive game I have played. “No Dream is Too Big” and the odds of a high school player making it to the “next level” to play as an undergrad basketball player is thin. But all thanks to my teammates, our dedication and hard work paid off well. I aim to make it to the college basketball team in the coming the year.

Rasik Shrestha


Joining Thames was never a doubt for me as I was drawn to the college environment and the events that were conducted here. During my four years of college life here, I believe I have participated in almost all of the events as all of these events were fun to participate in. My personal favorite has to be diversity day. Tantamount to my interest to meet and connect with people, I joined the Rotaract club and I was able to contribute to many of the club’s events and activities. I was also part of Kriye team through which I was able to showcase the creative side in me and was able to conduct events which focused mainly on bringing the creative and artistic side of the students I am glad that I got the opportunity to choreograph “Sanskriti :the Fashion show” which was a completely different experience for me and me and my team were able to put on a great show In addition to my student life experiences here, I also got to work as an intern in college which was a great experience for me as I got to learn so much.

All these moments and experiences spent along with my beloved friends here Is something I will cherish forever. All and all, I would say that my #lifeatthames was pretty amazing.

Allen Dangol


Having taken a gap year, I was nervous about starting my undergrad in Nepal because I was doubtful of the colleges here. After studying A-Levels, I had gotten used to this flexibility of sorts when it came to education and extracurriculars. And Thames offered me a similar academic environment with a course of international standards that gave me the space to grow and adapt at my own pace. All of my teachers and the management itself have been extremely supportive, engaging, and eager to provide any assistance. I also became the coordinator of the Kriye Team during the first semester and got involved in organizing different events such as the Christmas Bazaar and Rose Day with a lot of help from my team members, who are now also some of my closest friends. The college has been doing its best to promote a lot of social causes and inspire students to learn new skills by hosting various workshops. After a semester at Thames, I realize that my potential and interests have been recognized and taken into consideration; I know that I will most certainly experience and enjoy all that the institution has to offer.

Reeya Pradhan


When I joined Thames I was a shy, nerdy guy who lived mostly in books in my room. I didn't know much about life outside the classroom. The college was rife with vibrant extroverts who stayed at college even after classes. They scared me. But in the latter phase, engaging in programs from the Student Council of Thames International College (SCOTIC) made me see it differently. SCOTIC was about enriching student life experiences. Surprisingly, “Going home” wasn't the way to enrich life. To learn, I begrudgingly started staying after classes to work on events which helped enrich student life. For every event, we would plan months ahead, find sponsors, performers, practice and decorate on holidays. The responsibilities of handling a huge budget and team was definitely not easy. Then, the event commences. Everyone is celebrating and you’re backstage, exhausted. The crowd, the cheer, the glee creates an ambience of joy. Afterwards, you're appreciated by teachers and friends. Your team, despite its ups and down, made it.

Bipin Rimal



I feel privileged to be associated with Thames International College –a progressive institution committed to the profession of Social Work. Thames puts its students at the center of all its activities –thorough preparation of the syllabus and class engagement; a transparent evaluation system; a myriad of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities; outstanding full time faculty and adjunct faculty members who are leading practitioners in their field; professional development opportunities for both students and faculty, to name a few. Based on my exposure to Social Work education in India, Europe and the United States, I can confidently say that Thames is a great choice for Social Work students who want to be leaders in the profession.

Sanjeev Dahal

MFamily, MSW
PhD Scholar, School of Social Work
Boston College, MA, USA

It is a matter of great privilege for me to be part of the faculty at Thames InternationalCollege. As a faculty of sociology for more than a year, the educational environment, Ifind, is quite liberal and conducive to explore and experiment with teaching and learning activities, mutually helpful for both teachers and students. Thames provides a wonderful opportunity for students to critically engage with various aspects of society, social differences, and the dynamics that shape human social life. Students not only obtain degrees but are oriented to understand theoretical and practical knowledge and critically understand the social processes that shape their lives. They get an opportunity to think about how they are not merely passive receivers of knowledge but also active agents in contributing to the shaping society around them.

Dr. Ishwari Bhattarai


Starting your university degree in social sciences at the Thames International College could turn out as the best decision to explore your career in social services, community development, teaching and research. In addition, we are committed to advance your future as a professional in social science disciplines such as; sociology, social work, psychology and journalism by providing fundamental concepts and theoretical perspectives in each of the disciplines and equipping with practical knowledge and skills on field research, academic writing, project development and performance evaluation.

Damodar Tripathi

MA Anthropology (TU, Nepal),
M.Sc. Human Security (AU, Denmark),
PhD scholar at TU ( in Anthropology)

Thames College is a great platform for students aspiring to become changemakers and esteemed social workers. Thames College provides Bachelors in Social Work which influences the very many dimensions of this society by providing exposure to students in a diverse field setting. The distinguished lecturers who are all professionals in their respective fields aim and share their knowledge and experiences with students to provide an exceptional learning experience. Student centric and a liberal environment for students to grow inside and outside class is a major feature of our college.

Grishma Ojha