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David J Rusk Library

Welcome to the David J Rusk Library, the digital gateway to a world of knowledge at Thames International College. Our vast online book catalog boasts thousands of titles across Technology, Business, and Social Science, providing an enriching experience for curious minds. Delve into the realms of cutting-edge technology, strategic business insights, and societal perspectives through our comprehensive collection. Discover and explore with ease, thanks to our user-friendly interfaces and organized categorization. As a beacon of academic excellence, the David J Rusk Library empowers students to embrace lifelong learning, equipping them with the tools to excel in their educational journey.

Online Library Catalog

Welcome to the David J Rusk Library's dynamic online book catalog at Thames International College. Discover a treasure trove of thousands of books across Technology, Business, and Social Science, where students can explore and hold on to their chosen titles. Embrace convenience with the option to download PDFs for offline reading. Our user-friendly platform provides seamless navigation and categorization, fostering a culture of continuous learning and academic excellence. Join us on this journey of intellectual growth, where knowledge knows no bounds.


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Thames offers JSTOR, a comprehensive online library, granting access to an extensive repository of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Beneficial for researchers, students, and institutions, JSTOR contains archives of journals dating back to their beginnings, facilitating exploration and discovery across various disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.



David J Rusk's online catalog grants seamless access to De Gruyter's extensive academic publishing resources. With over 1,500 books, 16,000 journal articles, and 80 databases, students and researchers benefit from a wide range of subjects and disciplines. This includes 200 open-access books and 5,000 articles, enriching scholarly exploration and knowledge discovery.

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Oxford Journal

Experience the wealth of knowledge with Oxford Academic, the esteemed research platform of Oxford University Press (OUP). Unleash your academic potential through unfettered access to over 40,000 books and 500 journals, encompassing a diverse range of disciplines. Students and researchers can delve into a remarkable collection, fueled by OUP's expertise, to facilitate comprehensive research and learning.

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