Android Mobile App Development

This course will help learners to understand about android Application development process for mobile technology. The course explores different technology used during development of android application.

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COVID-19 and state

The Covid-19 outbreak has infected millions, isolating everyone from their regular lives. Economies all over the world have been affected. Small and large organizations in every sector of the economy have been hit hard.

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Thames Career Bootcamp

A career bootcamp is a 3 day event having 3 hours sessions each to help jump-start the careers of students and recent graduates .

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The Awakening- Poetry Session

Three famous personalities, Mr. Binod Bikram K.C, who is a freelance journalist, Ms. Pranika Koyu, a human rights activist, and Mr. Sangeet Srota, a media person, recited their poems in the session, 'The Awakening'.

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Kina?- A Theatre Act

Thames theater club presented a short drama “KINA” which represented a reality of how woman is bounded by rules and responsibilities after going to their husband’s home.

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