COVID-19 and state

The Covid-19 outbreak has infected millions, isolating everyone from their regular lives. Economies all over the world have been affected.

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Thames Career Bootcamp

A career bootcamp is a 3 day event having 3 hours sessions each to help jump-start the careers of students and recent graduates .

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The Awakening- Poetry Session

Three famous personalities, Mr. Binod Bikram K.C, who is a freelance journalist, Ms. Pranika Koyu, a human rights activist, and Mr. Sangeet Srota, a media person, recited their poems in the session, 'The Awakening'.

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Kina?- A Theatre Act

Thames theater club presented a short drama “KINA” which represented a reality of how woman is bounded by rules and responsibilities after going to their husband’s home.

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Sip and Paints

Sip and paint is a trending concept that has been around different parts of the world with an idea to relax, sip on drinks and paint the art.

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