Thames International College Commencement 2023: Embracing Excellence and Shaping Futures

Dear Esteemed Class of 2023,

We stand on the brink of an extraordinary celebration, a celebration of your unwavering dedication, academic excellence, and the immense promise you hold for the future. Thames International College is delighted to extend an invitation to the 16th Commencement Ceremony, a pivotal event that marks the crowning achievement of your academic journey at one of Nepal's premier institutions.

A Journey of Determination and Achievement

From the moment you set foot on our campus to this momentous day, your journey has been a testament to resilience and determination. The years have been filled with hard work, intelligence, and collaborations that have resulted in impactful projects and ideas that will shape the future.

Celebrating Exceptional Achievement

Thames International College takes immense pride in recognizing the outstanding achievements of the following graduates:

Thames Outstanding Graduate Award Recipients

  • David Shakya
  • Anish Lamichhane
  • Kartika Yadav
  • Saif Muhammed
  • Shreya Khadka

Recipient of Thames Leadership Award 2023

  • Jessica Kumari Basnet
  • Sumnima Rai
  • Astha Sharma
  • Tanushree Malla Shrestha
  • Mamata Karki
  • Shreejana Karki

Shaping a Future of Promise

As you set forth on new beginnings, remember that your potential is boundless. Your education at Thames International College has equipped you with the knowledge, skills, and vision to make a lasting impact on society.

Join us for this momentous day as we celebrate your achievements and the bright, promising future that lies ahead.

Warm regards,
Rajendra Man Sherchan
Chairman, Thames International College