Bachelor of Computer Application is a four year, eight semester program. The program is offered at Thames International College by the School of Business and Technology in affiliation with the Faculty of Humanities, Tribhuvan University. Students are required to complete 126 credit hours to graduate.

Computer Science is applied to every work field. Be it business management or public administration, enterprise resource planning or hotel management, psychology or biology, application of computer technology has become inevitable. The BCA program at Thames International College therefore provides an understanding of the wider world: of society, management, economics, mathematics, and statistics. Students will learn all aspects of existing and emerging information technologies, as well as their impact on the information system function. Additionally, they will have an understanding of design and the development of database applications using the latest technologies.

While the developed world has already immensely benefited from computer applications, developing countries are fast turning to computer science for efficient and innovative solutions to address the needs of the society. The BCA program at Thames International College will equip students with the tools to understand these societal needs, the ability to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems. They will have a sense of greater social responsibility and a strong grasp of ethics. Students of BCM at Thames International College will be able to become team players and leaders, driving innovation in the workplace.

Program Structure

General Education Courses (30 Credit Hours)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
CASO102 Society & Technology 3
CAEN103 English I 3
CAMT104 Mathematics I 3
CAEN153 English II 3
CAMT154 Mathematics II 3
CAST202 Probability & Statistics 3
CAEC353 Applied Economics 3
CAAC152 Financial Accounting 3
CAMG304 Introduction to Management 3
CAOR451 Operations Research 3

Computer Applications Courses (84 Credit Hours)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
CACS101 Computer Fundamentals & Applications 4
CACS105 Digital Logic 3
CACS151 C Programming 4
CACS155 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3
CACS201 Data Structure & Algorithms 3
CACS203 System Analysis and Design 3
CACS204 OOP in Java 3
CACS205 Web Technology 3
CACS251 Operating System 3
CACS252 Numerical Methods 3
CACS253 Software Engineering 3
CACS254 Scripting Language 3
CACS255 Database Management System 3
CACS301 MIS and e-Business 3
CACS302 DotNet Technology 3
CACS303 Computer Networking 3
CACS305 Computer Graphics and Animation 3
CACS351 Mobile Programming 3
CACS352 Distributed System 3
CACS354 Advanced Java Programming 3
CACS355 Network Programming 3
CACS401 Cyber Law & Professional Ethics 3
CACS402 Cloud Computing 3

Practicum Training (13 credit hours)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
CAPJ256 Project I 2
CAPJ356 Project II 2
CAPJ452 Project III 6
CAIN403 Internship 3

Elective Courses- Any 4 Courses  (12 Credit Hours)

Code Course Cr. Hr.
CAPS476 Applied Psychology 3
CACS477 Geographical Information System 3
CACS478 IT in Banking 3
CACS479 Hotel Information Management 3
CAER480 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
CACS482 Knowledge Engineering 3
CACS483 Advanced DotNet Technology 3
CACS484 Database Programming 3
CACS485 Database Administration 3
CACS486 Network Administration 3

At the time of admission

FeesAmount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee
(Admission, University Registration, Induction
and Education Support Programs)

Semester wise fee breakdown

Level                   No. of Credit
Hour per Semester     
Tuition per
Credit Hour       
 Tuition per
Tuition per Semester
after Inaugural Scholarship
1st Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
2nd Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
3rd Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
4th Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
5th Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
6th Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
7th Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00
8th Semester15 Credit Hours Rs. 6,660.00(Rs.15,000.00)
  Rs.99,000.00 Rs.84,000.00

Note: We charge for 15 credit hours per semester for 126 credit hours course of BCA

BCA Inaugural Bursary

Celebrating the commencement of BCA program at Thames International College, students enrolled in BCA for academic year 2021-22 will be provided with inaugural scholarship of Rs.120,000.

Early Bird Discount

Students who apply early and get their admission process complete by 31st August, 2022 will recieve a discount of Rs. 5000 per semester.

Smart Savings Scheme

Students can receive a discount of 15% should they decide to pay the tuition fees of all 4 years during the time of the admission.

Examination Fee

Students are required to pay examination fee to the university every semester. The examination fee is not included in any of the headings above and is payable at the time of examination registration.

Commencement Fee 

Commencement Fee from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 will be automatically charged on the final semester on top of the tuition and fees.

Certain academic and extracurricular criteria have to be met for applicants to enroll in a program at Thames International College. While academic competence is an important requirement, Thames International College seeks students who believe in a hands-on learning approach, who want to develop into innovative learners and professionals, and who we believe can fully benefit from the facilities we provide. Applicants will be reviewed through their applications and interviews before being admitted. Additionally, applicants at Thames must sit for the BCA Entrance Test conducted by TU and must meet the following academic requirements.

Minimum Academic Requirements (10+2: HSEB/ CBSE/ ISC or equivalent Boards)

  • Passed all courses of 11th and 12th grade.
  • Can be from any stream be it , Management, Hotel Management, Science, or Humanities.
  • A minimum 2 CGPA with a minimum of D+ in all individual subjects.
  • Should have passed in BCA Entrance Exam conducted by TU FOHSS

Minimum Academic Requirements (A- Levels)

  • Should have completed 3.5 credit (GP plus 3 courses).
  • Should have been provided equivalence by Nepal Education Board.

Admission Process

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Pay your Application Fee

Step 3: Appear for an interview

Step 4: Accept the offer letter

Step 5: Pay admission fee

For more information please visit our Admission page.


Thames offers scholarships to students requiring financial aid. Scholarships are awarded based on need, merit, and students’ performances. For details:

Chairman’s Merit Scholarship Award
Information Technology Scholarship Award ( For BCA and BIM)
Thames Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Entrance Test (CMAT)

BCA Entrance Test is conducted by the TU FOHSS for students wishing to enroll in the programs under the School of Business and Technology. BCA Entrance Test contains one hundred objective questions and has a total weight of 100 marks.

The test has three primary areas – English Grammar, Mathematics and General Knowledge with Grammar carrying 40% of the marks, Mathematics with 50% of the marks and General Knowledge carrying 10% of the total marks. Student must secure a minimum of 40% in the entrance in order to apply for admissions to BCA programs.

Thames also provides BCA Entrance Preparation Programs from May through September. To learn more, please visit:

University Preparatory Programs BCA Entance Preparation Classes

What is the difference between BBA and BIM?

BBA is a pure management course whereas BIM consist of 60% IT and 40% Management.

What is the difference between BCA and BIM?

BCA is a pure IT course and BIM is a mixture of IT and Management.

What is the difference between BBA and BBM?

BBA at Thames is for those who wants to specialize in Marketing or Finance whereas, BBM at Thames is for those who wants to specialize in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development or Bank Operations and Cooperative Management.

Can I switch from one program to another after admission? How easy it to change my program after the classes starts?

Yes. You will get one-month time to shift between BBA/BIM/BBM. But for BCA, once you get enrolled, you cannot change the course.

Is there a separate entrance examination if I missed the university entrance examination (CMAT)?

No. You have to pass the university entrance exam. Once you fill up the form at Thames, our counsellors will guide through all the requirements and formalities required for entrance preparation.

Does Thames admit students to enter in the spring semester?

No. All students begin study in fall semester only. But in case of transfer student they can apply.

Does the college accept transfer student from other colleges?

Yes. Only from TU colleges.

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