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    School of Business and Technology

    Endless Opportunities to Become Professionals With Innovative Mindset

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School of Business and Technology

School of Business and Technology educates and prepares students to become professionals with innovative mindset. World is driven by technology and our school has combined its technology and business programs into a single school. We support our students to become ethical business and IT professionals equipped with necessary soft and hard skills required in today’s job market and business environment.

Arpan Upadhyaya, Associate Director, School of Business and Technology

Thames School of Business and Technology is for future leaders and managers and for students with an entrepreneurial spirit. The school of business and technology prepares students for the technology-driven corporate world, allowing them to strengthen their managerial, leadership, and communication skills with internships and events where they are able to practice as professionals. Technical skills are also an important aspect of the school, and students are trained to use various IT software and applications.

The faculty members at the School of Business and Technology at Thames are highly experienced professionals, who are able to share workplace problems and provide insight into solving them. The faculty encourages an inquisitive environment, where students are encouraged to interact, find their own answers, and become independent learners. Admission at School of Business and Technology is highly competitive and offers wide range of scholarships.

School of Business and Technology is home to popular Thames Business Gabfest which is the flagship event of the school.

School of Business and Technology

Arpan Upadhyaya
Associate Director
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Room No.: A304

School of Business and Technology

Manisha Thapa
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Room No.: A304

School of Business and Technology

Bikram Karki
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Room No.: A304

Office Hours

Sunday to Friday - 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
School of Business and Technology
Thames International College, Kathmandu
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Phone: +977 (1) 4464584, 4465660, 4499324, Ext.

Academic Program


Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration at Thames offers rigorous courses in administration, management, business law, and the economy. With courses like Business Communication, Nepali Society and Politics, Economics, and Business Strategy, students will learn how engage in the larger business conversation, run businesses that fit into the current socio-economic and political scenarios, as well as make organizational and investment decisions.

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Bachelor of Business Management

The Bachelor of Business Management program at Thames offers courses in management, some of which are Principles of Management, Financial Accounting, and Corporate Taxation in Nepal. Beyond these courses, this program offers courses in information technology, sales and marketing, entrepreneurship, banking, and insurance, providing students with a complete knowledge of the business world.

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Bachelor of Information Management

The Bachelor of Information Management at Thames focuses on developing technological skills, which allows students to understand and gather information, analyze that information, and apply these analyses to businesses to create efficiency and effectiveness within the business operations.

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Bachelor of Computer Application

The Bachelor of Computer Application at Thames focuses on building skilled professionals within the field of Information Technology, offering exhaustive knowledge on networking, programming, artificial intelligence, cyber law, and software development. Courses like Web Technology, Scripting Language, and Computer Graphics and Animation will provide students with broad computer skills, enabling them to enter specialized fields within the world of information technology.

With projects and internships opportunities available to them, students under this program at Thames will be able to sharpen their skills, choosing and mastering their specialization before entering the workforce.

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  • Testimonial

    Mohit Rauniyar
    Canopy Nepal

    Thames is a wonderful platform for students who are looking to learn new skills and adapt to the real world. One of the things that I admire most of Thames is the student life that helped me balance my life as a student and as a professional. The student-centric environment at Thames helped me start a student magazine, the Yearbook, and conduct many events and activities that helped me grow as a professional. Some of the faculty members at Thames are top-notch who are close to me as mentors and as friends and the level of support that I received from them was admirable for a raw individual I was just when I joined Thames. I believe Thames has prepared us to become a socially responsible citizen which also allowed me to start a social enterprise named Canopy Nepal to work in education for underprivileged children and to promote interactive learning in schools. Some of the courses and workshops that I was exposed to completely changed me as a person and the way I think and perceive things to which I am thankful even today.

  • Testimonial

    Pushpa Sthapit
    Upcycle Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Revive)

    Thames has been home away from home for me with a very warm and friendly environment. I have never felt left out as they have always assisted and encouraged me to perform better at my studies. Their constant effort to bring more extracurricular activities has provided me with plenty of opportunity to build meaningful connections and network to support my work today. Thanks to their understanding and unbiased culture which has always made me feel deeply connected with Thames family.

  • Testimonial

    Bibek Sanjel
    Marketing Executive,
    Lalitpur Hatchery Pvt Ltd.

    Four years at Thames was a life changing experience that I will cherish forever. Learning opportunities at Thames was beyond just completion of academic credit hours. Distinctive events and activities offered by the college to polish and outshine the students on the process of developing career personally and professionally is commendable. Decision of perusing BBA at Thames proved to be a pool of opportunities where I could explore the process of learning globally. Various events like book talk, Thames day, May fair, language classes, workshop and guest lectures made outstanding remarks to create thrilling atmosphere for learning. I express my gratitude to the college, teachers and friends for being the part of my glorious year at Thames.

  • Testimonial

    Rohit Jung Karki
    Software Engineer,
    Leapfrog Technology

    For me, The best thing about the Thames is its; open culture. The class timings were so flexible that I was able to start working early. This gave me an edge as I was able to gain crucial experience while I was attending college and by the time I reached the 8th semester I had already got a full-time job at Leapfrog. I liked the college's motto of self-learning and I found that there's so much you can learn beyond the classroom. The college never forced any ideas upon us but rather helped us make our own decisions.

    I enjoyed the diversified experience during my college years. Having students from different academics under the same space meant I was able to attend events related to social works or business or even go and listen to writers tell their stories. Book talks were one of my favorite things at Thames.. This helped me experience things beyond my field of study and made me see things differently.



    Thames International College is proud to have been accredited and acknowledged with some prestigious academic awards:

    • Top 10 BBA College of Nepal 2019
    • 6th Best B-School in Nepal 2013
    • 6th Best B-School in Nepal 2014
    • Best Undergraduate B-School (BIM) 2014

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