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    Bachelor in Social Work


The recent decades have witnessed a massive upsurge of the voluntary sector in both the developing and the developed world. In the realm of this phenomenon the need for the human resources that have pragmatic skills to understand and work upon the challenges of this is immense.

Bachelor in Social Work is a 3-year (6 semester) program with second major in Rural Development.

Bachelor in Social Work will give you a well-rounded education to make you a more versatile social work and development practitioner. The program facilitates students in understanding the nature of the rural world through the activities of the voluntary sector. On this program the theories and principles of social work are integrated with that of rural development providing you with in depth knowledge of social challenges in the developing world.

Bachelor in Social Work from Thames leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tribhuvan University. The program is offered by School of Social Sciences in association with Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University. Students are required to complete 90 credit hours of course work and practicum training.

Students are also required to appear for 14 course examinations which will lead to a degree from Tribhuvan University.

The major objective of the program is to help students develop understanding of all aspects of social work education and development studies. A culture of research and understanding the concept of ethics and greater social Responsibility is meant to be fostered through the BSW course at Thames.

Politics and the economics of the world is studied in order to get acquainted with the wider world. To develop in-depth knowledge in the area of their own interest ranging from - development studies to gender studies and human rights is prioritized along with developing an ability to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems.

The BSW program at Thames encourages the ability to work in a team and lead innovation in the workplace.

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Course Structure

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Evaluation & Grading



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