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Empowering Students and Alumni with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to navigate and excel in their chosen career paths.

Career Services

Welcome to the Thames International College Career Development Center, your gateway to a future filled with purpose and success! Our Career Development Center is committed to empowering you on your journey from academia to the professional world by providing comprehensive resources, personalized guidance, and cutting-edge tools to shape your career trajectory. Whether you're a current student exploring potential job opportunities, a final year student seeking graduate school, or an alum seeking career advancement, our center is here to support you.



Our mission is to foster a community of empowered and confident individuals, ready to thrive in their chosen fields. Let us support you as you navigate the exciting path ahead, turning your academic achievements into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Online Career Service Center

Dive into a world of self-discovery with multiple career assessments that not only help you identify your strengths but also guide you towards continuous skill improvement, paving the way to your dream job. Immerse yourself in hands-on training facilitated by industry experts, gaining practical insights into specific job roles. Join the Thames Online Career Service Center – where empowerment meets opportunity, and your career aspirations find the support they deserve

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Your One-Stop Career Solution

Introducing the Thames Career Development Center's Online Career Service Center, a groundbreaking collaboration with Skill Lab designed exclusively for Thames students and alumni. This cutting-edge online platform is your one-stop destination for shaping a successful and fulfilling career journey.

Career Guidance

The Career Development Center plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals along their professional journeys, offering its services to both current students and alumni. Through a diverse range of initiatives, the center ensures comprehensive support for career development.

Workshops and Networking Opportunities

The Center offers a distinguished CV Doctor, providing expert guidance to enhance resumes through meticulous review and personalized consultations. Additionally, the center conducts a Mock Interview service for comprehensive preparation, and organizes annual Job and Internship Fairs, fostering networking between employers and candidates, as well as Graduate School Fairs to connect prospective graduate students with leading academic institutions

Work Study Program

Work study Program, as its name entails, creates part time jobs on-campus for currently enrolled full time students. The program not only provide students opportunity to generate income to offset their educational expenses but also offers valuable work experience.

Earn and Learn

The work-study program offers financial assistance to students, allowing them to earn money for tuition and living expenses through part-time employment in on-campus jobs such as library assistant, writing tutor, IT center assistant, administrative support, digital content creator, student ambassador, or research assistants. With flexible schedules designed to accommodate class commitments, these positions provide valuable work experience, enhancing both academic and career development.

Career Development Center Events

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