Thames International College seeks bright, capable, and motivated students who are ready to take advantage of our facilities. As a highly selective institution, we seek to develop a complete picture of all the applicants and what they will bring to our college. While the applicant’s academic performance has the largest bearing on the admission process, the application, interview, group discussions, and entrance tests are also taken into account for better evaluation.

Admission Process

The Admission process at Thames International College begins with counseling and guidance. Once you reach out to us, either through e-mail, phone call, social media or by visiting the college, an appointment will be scheduled for an appointment with our counseling team for an advisory session that will provide you with required information about the programs offered at Thames, the Office of Student Affairs, and other academic and interest based opportunities at Thames to help you make informed choices.

Meet Our Counsellors

Rubina Awale

Rubina Awale
Associate Director
Contact No.: 98010062119801006211

Ms. Alisha Bhattarai

Ms. Alisha Bhattarai
Academic Counselor
Room No.: A101
Contact No.: 9801037564

Pratik Neupane

Pratik Neupane
Coordinator, Academic Counselor
Room No.: A101
Contact No.: 9808486629

How to Apply?

Step 1: Apply Online
Step 2: Pay your Application Fee
Step 3: Appear for an interview
Step 4: Accept the offer letter
Step 5: Pay admission fee

Fees and payment plans at Thames vary according to which program you wish to enroll in. Please find your payment plan for your choice of program.

Choose Your Programs

Thames International College offers different scholarships to incoming freshmen students.

Learn about the various scholarships that are available:

Chairman’s Merit Scholarship Award

The Chairman’s Merit Scholarship is a comprehensive award for outstanding newcomers who enroll in one of the undergraduate programs offered at Thames. The scholarship is renewable throughout the program. Learn More 

Thames Need-Based Scholarship Award

Thames Need Based Scholarship Award is awarded by the college to the incoming students at Thames who are academically strong but require assistance to pay for the tuition. This scholarship is renewable throughout the program. Learn More 

Thames Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Thames Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship is awarded to students whose family income is very low and who cannot afford to continue their education without substantial financial support. This scholarship is throughout the program. Learn More 

Choose Your Programs

Need help choosing a program?

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