• BA Psychology in Nepal


BA Psychology in Nepal

Thames College - Destination to pursue Bachelor of Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviors and mental soundness. Your crucial step to getting psychology as your field of career is with a Bachelor of Psychology degree. Bachelor of Psychology is a four-year, eight-semester Bachelor's program of Tribhuvan University affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Bachelor of psychology in Nepal program is designed to offer students a second major in social work.

Objectives of Bachelor of Psychology course

Bachelor’s degree in psychology focuses on developing the practice of research and basic understanding and explanations of human emotional, cognitive and social thoughts and behavior. Another major objective of a bachelor in psychology is to familiarize them with psychological science in both academic and applied areas.

Scope of Bachelor of Psychology in Nepal

To restore and promote mental health among individuals in any field, professionals in psychology are needed. Psychologists can also have a secure career in areas of Advertising, Career Counseling, Case Managing, Psychiatric Technician, and many more. Basically, graduate students of psychology have a plethora of options; however, competency and skills are needed to grab opportunities. 

Subjects/courses of Bachelor of Psychology 

Major subjects in Bachelor of Psychology are Foundational courses, Computer Information System, Psychology, Statistics, Concepts, and Principles of Social Work, Methods of Social Work, and Anthropology of Contemporary Issues in Nepal.

Eligibility to pursue Bachelor of Psychology

Students from all faculties are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Psychology program. Students can pursue the degree if they have finished their Intermediate level (class 12) or Diploma with a grade of D+ in all courses or equivalent. A-level students, however, should have completed 3.5 credits (GP plus 3 courses) and received equivalency from the Nepal Education Board. 

Fee structure of Bachelor of Psychology in Nepal

In universities, the Bachelor's in psychology fee starts from NPRS 2 lakhs. Eligible students can apply and get scholarships based on the student's performance and needs.

Universities that offer Bachelor of Psychology course in Nepal

In Nepal, Tribhuvan University is the only university where candidates are given the opportunity to pursue bachelor of psychology.

Bachelor of Psychology Colleges in Nepal

Many colleges of Nepal provide the Bachelor of Psychology and all colleges provide top grade education with all the facilities. With proper research you can find the best renowned college in Nepal. 

Why is Thames College the best college  for a Bachelor of Psychology?

Thames College owns experienced professors in the field who are devoted to making you capable of absorbing theoretical knowledge with ease. We encourage our students to pursue their dream career and showcase their hidden skills. Students in Bachelor of Psychology will get the opportunity to collaborate with NGOs that deal with mental health and social work. We also run workshops, events, and guest speakers that add to students' experience. Along with these, Thames also provides scholarships to deserving students.

If you are looking for academic excellence accompanied with college memories to cherish for life, Thames is your ultimate destination.

Get enrolled at Thames Bachelor of Psychology program and start your journey of grasping psychological knowledge.

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