Social Work Club

Who Are We

The Social Work Club of Thames International College is one of the oldest clubs established and has been working relentlessly to promote volunteerism within the students and also raise awareness on various social issues. Their annual fundraising events like Rose Day and Christmas Bazaar gives students a platform to explore their ideas to support communities in need. A notable event organized by SWCT on World Social Work Day is the annual Social Work Symposium. The symposium is a flagship event of Thames, where panel discussions, workshops and volunteering is organized on various themes.

Words of President

Hello Thameians,
My name is Jessika Kumari Basnet and I am the student council president for the 2021-2022 school year. I had always been interested in serving on the student council and I was given the chance this year. Not only have I become more involved, but I have also become more familiar with the students. I want to contribute my honest efforts and value to the council since all my priorities, concerns, and best interests are geared towards the council. Having joined the council at the very beginning of 2019, I have gained much professional and personal growth from each and every member, and I thank my colleagues for making the council an enjoyable and positive place to be.

Now what exactly is the student council? In simple terms, the Student Council is made up of elected and volunteer students, who are selected by the students and work for the benefits of the students. In some instances, the Student Council is mistaken for the head of the students who remain seated and instruct others on what to do and not to do. Nevertheless, we are here to show support and offer companionship to students and nothing more. A group of students who aim to help and serve the student body in terms of organizing activities and offering volunteer opportunities reveals the true identity of the Student Council.

I look forward to seeing the plans the student council has for the upcoming school year; we are all aware that it will be a bit different than what we are used to at Thames due to the current circumstances, but rest assured that the student council members are hard at work to make this year a success.

Meet our Board of Directors