Book Talk with Binod Chaudhary

'Binod Chaudhary-My Story from the Streets of Kathmandu to a Billion Dollar Empire' is an inspiring autobiography of Nepal's first billionaire, also translated into English. At a book talk organized by Thames International College at the David J. Rusk Library on 1st March 2016, Mr. Chaudhary gave us insights into his autobiography, as an author and an entrepreneur.

The man behind the iconic brand, Wai-Wai, chairman and president of Chaudhary Group, Mr. Chaudhary rarely needs an introduction. As a businessman, politician, philanthropist, singer, actor, and author, he is an inspiring public symbol.

"Over the years, what I've learned is that there are no geographical boundaries to the ambition of an individual," said Mr. Chaudhary. His autobiography spans his journey growing up on the streets of Kichapokhari to owning a multi-national conglomerate, and everything in between: his student life, family, politics, the role of the private sector in his life, running a discotheque, and fate. His encounters with politics, FNCCI(?), and his relationships with the former royal family and many world leaders are also closely detailed.

While his life is inspiring in itself, Mr. Chaudhary's book talk was also packed with encouragement for the young, aspiring entrepreneurs at the Thames. While concluding the book talk, he shared the secrets to his success–time management, problem-solving skills, and consistency. For any young entrepreneur wishing to truly understand these skills and put them into practice, Binod Chaudhary-My Story from the Streets of Kathmandu to a Billion Dollar Empire' is a must-read.