Social work is the study of social and economic well-being, where students learn how to recognize and respond to social problems and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to help individuals, families, or communities. Students who are interested in understanding the society and want to pursue careers as social workers, researchers, social planners, or clinicians should opt to study social work.

Social Work is offered under the School of Social Sciences at Thames. Studying under the School of Social Sciences will give you a hands-on experience with working within the society, with exposure to the work field through internships and opportunities for social work. Students will become proficient in research, writing, and communication, to whom creating and expressing ideas will become a habit, after being involved in the courses offered at Thames.

Degrees under which you can study Social work

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work program is designed to enable future social work and development practitioners to skillfully tackle the social challenges within the developing world. The BSW program at Thames fosters a culture of ethics, research, and understanding, with courses such as Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking, and Research Methods in Social Work, in which students get an opportunity to critically examine the society and figure out how to best serve it.

Students under the BSW program at Thames will be presented with a second major in Rural Development, with courses like Quantitative Approach to Rural Development, which will serve students with a nuanced education on the developing areas and how to work within them. With brain-storming sessions in the classroom, open, critical discussions, and the nurturing of strong research and communication skills, Thames hopes to create exceptionally competent and forward thinking social work practitioners and academics.

Bachelor of Rural Development

Bachelor of Rural Development

The Bachelor of Rural Development program offers social work as a second major. The courses offered under the Bachelor of Rural Development program are integral to exploring the developing areas of Nepal, with courses like Society and Culture in Nepal and the Rural Economy of Nepal. Courses in social work studies are an important part of this program, and students will study Human Rights, Community Engagement, and Community Service to become fully rounded professionals of development.

Bachelor of Psychology

Bachelor of Psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology program at Thames offers students a second major in Social Work. With courses like Social Work Practicum, Research Methods in Social Work, and Social Welfare Administration, along with courses in Psychology, the social work education offered under the Bachelor of Psychology degree provides a unique perspective into working within a society.

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