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The success of an organization in achieving its goals relies largely on its leadership. Organizations today, be it private or public, for profit or not for profit, are in need of managers who can lead organizational change to help update and refine their processes, structures and technologies to achieve greater levels of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility. Today’s business managers require skills to think critically, make sound decisions, communicate clearly, solve complex problems, work in team and exercise influence.

As part of this program, you will have the opportunity not only to learn about general business management but also to focus on the area or industry you are interested in. The area of specialization ranges from Entrepreneurship, Bank Operation and Cooperative Management to Insurance and Risk Management, and Sales and Marketing Management.

The objectives of BBM at Thames are:
  • To develop managers who are also leaders
  • To develop ability to work in a team and lead innovation and change in the workplace
  • To develop ability to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems
  • To develop ability to make sound judgments and decisions
  • To develop understanding of ethics and greater social responsibility
  • To develop understanding of all aspects of management ranging from Operation, Human Resource, Marketing, Strategy and Accounting and Finance
  • To develop understanding of Information Management and its role in modern business settings
  • To develop understanding of the wider world: Politics, Economics, Society, Human Behavior and Business Environment
  • To develop in-depth knowledge in the area of their own interest i.e. Bank Operations and Cooperative Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Sales and Marketing Management and finally Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.
Program Details

Thames Bachelor in Business Management is a 4 Years and 8 semester program. The program is offered by School of Business and Technology in affiliation with Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. Students are required to complete 120 credit hours of course work and practicum training to graduate. The program leads to a degree from Tribhuvan University.

What You Will Study

In line with the School's mission to provide students with broad knowledge of the wider world as well as in-depth study in the specific area of interest, you will study General Education Courses, Core Business and Management Courses, Core information Management Courses, interest driven Elective Courses and finally specialization Courses which allows you to focus on your chosen area of Management.

As part of the liberal arts program, you will study General Education Courses that will provide an opportunity to enhance your study skills and broaden your knowledge. These courses will allow you to develop a sense of social responsibility as well as strong intellectual and practical skills that cover all areas of study, such as communication, analytical and problem solving skills, with a demonstrated ability to apply these knowledge and skills in real-world settings.

Core Business and Management courses cover essential business topics such as marketing, finance, accounting and law, human resources, enterprise, and strategy. Studying these areas will give you a comprehensive understanding and provide you with the necessary acumen to move into almost any area of business.

Starting fifth semester, you can opt to specialize among four areas of Business management i.e. Bank Operation and Cooperative Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Insurance and Risk Management and Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.

Besides Core Business Courses and Specialization courses, you will also have the opportunity to choose and study three courses from wide range business elective courses offered by the school.

Also as part of credited practicum, you will also have to complete an internship before you graduate.

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Course Structure

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