Is it worthy to pursue a BA of rural development in Nepal?

The pain, agony, and complaints of people in the rural area are yet to be heard, and action taken to cure them. To overcome such hindrances and study the people, Bachelor's in rural development was introduced. Bachelor in rural development is an undergraduate program brought in existence to prepare students to understand the lives and struggles in rural areas and come up with concrete planning.

What are the scopes and benefits of studying for a Bachelor of Rural Development in Nepal?

Sustainable Rural development is essential to the economy and society of the country. A Bachelor's degree in rural development will give you a variety of career opportunities covering from public administration to politics to the development sector. You can get opportunities to work for private, government, and I/ NGOs.

Let's discuss the scopes of having a Bachelor of Rural Development in Nepal.

You can have your efforts in nature conservation

You might have noticed the overexploitation of Natural resources around your place. These actions invite hazardous pollution and disasters. With a Bachelor of Rural Development degree, you can understand the exploitation and Natural Resource Conservation Practices: People Managed, Community Managed, and State Managed.

You can get the opportunity to visit rural areas of Nepal

 During the 4 year course of Bachelor of Rural Development in Nepal, you can have frequent field visits intended to familiarize students with the social condition. Even with your job, which is solely for Rural Development,  you get the chance to visit the different rural areas of the country. This can be a professional tour that somehow makes you reconnect with beautiful nature.


You can understand the social reality about the place

While studying or working in rural regions, you get the opportunity to see locals' daily lives up close. This will undoubtedly assist you in determining the true origin of the problem in that community.

The enjoyable step after getting a Bachelor in Rural Development in Nepal  is learning about other perspectives on life that are different from what you have seen and expected.


With your research, you can point out the problems in society and aid in finding solutions.

 While staying in the rural areas, you will get to know about the problems of the areas. You begin your study to confirm the malfunctions or obstacles caused by such issues. Students can, in fact, seek sponsorships for their research. Your research work during bachelor's days can even help in making decisions to eradicate the issues in the rural areas.

Why does Nepal need more graduates in BA Rural Development?

  Since Nepal is a developing country with most of its population residing in rural areas, access to the infrastructure of development is necessary.   

The access work can be facilitated with more graduates in Rural development. Graduates can study the rural areas, available social services, social justice, community wellness, and cultural development. This will undoubtedly add on knowledge about people in that rural area. Likewise, the issues with traditional ecological knowledge, principles of natural resources management and policy, adaptive management, conservation, and ecotourism are studied, which can further help the government to employ developmental plans.

Which College to Choose for a Bachelor of  Rural Development in Nepal?

 Various colleges affiliated with different universities of Nepal offer the BA of rural development degree. Among such colleges, Thames College, with its Rural Development faculty team with expertise, well-equipped classrooms, libraries, seminar halls, ECA and CCA activities, and scholarships schemes, has become students' favorite. Thames strives to produce BA of Rural Development graduates who are academically strong, good at research, and always active in bringing solutions to people's problems.

Get enrolled at Thames College Bachelor of Rural Development and enjoy the glorious four years to academic excellence while studying Nepal's rural areas up close.

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