Information management is the study of information technologies and systems utilized in business organizations to solve problems. Students will study the design, development, and maintenance of computer software and systems that aid businesses in managerial decision making. Besides computer and technology, students will also learn the functional areas of businesses, such as finance, accounting, and marketing. Students interested in careers as system analysts or designers, software developers, consultants, or project managers should opt to study information management.

Information Management at Thames is offered under the School of Business and Technology. The School of Business and Technology at Thames introduces the real business world to the students, with a faculty of practicing professionals, internship opportunities, as well as a classroom education that encourages critical discussions and creative methods of learning and problem solving.

Degrees under which you can study Information Management

Courses within this program, such as Economics of Information and Communication, Management Information system, and Database Management, will allow students to explore the technological aspects that are important in running an efficient business. Courses such as Java Programming and Computer Graphics will provide further skills in the technological sector, allowing students to branch out and create their own software and web designs.

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