• Is it possible for management students to study IT?


Is it possible for management students to study IT?

The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) is an excellent option for people looking for a job that combines IT and management. With a BIM degree, you may study the theory, ideas, models, methods, and tools used to evaluate, configure, and use information systems, as well as their configuration and implementation. BIM Information is a combination of Management, Economics, Computer Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Structure of BIM in Nepal

Technology is evolving and moving into globalization and technological functions empowering humans. In such a scenario, IT  is the most important and relevant path to follow for students. You see, in this digital era, Information Technology(IT) has become essential to fuel up the companies as well as have a better job that offers handsome pay. In fact, it would be cherry on top if the IT degree gets combined with management skills. Thus to this demand, BIM favors the market.

Several decades ago, Nepal's education system lacked ideals and an effective IT education system. However, IT courses have grown in Nepal since the 2010s. BIM courses, which combine IT and management training, have become a catalyst degree for the business and administration sector. Thus, people are now interested to know the fundamental Structure of BIM degrees in Nepal.

Objectives of BIM course in Nepal

The BIM course is designed to empower students on IT  knowledge while sharpening business skills. The main objectives are:

  • To provide professional training to students with information technology and managerial skills.

  • To empower future IT workers with computational approaches to tackle real-world challenges.

  • BIM helps students’ skills directed to object-oriented software design methods and data management systems.

Scopes of BIM in Nepal

A question striking in everybody's mind is “Can I build a good career by pursuing BIM in Nepal ? “ Growing number of software development companies and telecommunication companies seek interns or the fresh graduates who have BIM degree-combined study of information and communication systems in business and administration. In addition, computer training institutes also need experts to arrange  training programs and software development training to enhance the accomplished skills of IT students. Therefore, it appears that the scope of BIM  in Nepal appears promising..

Subjects/Course of BIM

In Nepal, under the Faculty of Management of Tribhuvan University, BIM is taught. The fundamental subjects like English and Maths along with Computers Information System (CIS), Digital Logic Design, Principles of Management, Sociology for Business, Business Communication, Structured Programming, Web Programming, JAVA Programming, Computer Organization, Business Statistics are the subjects to be read by students pursuing Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) in Nepal.

Fee structure of BIM in Nepal

The typical semester fee for a Bachelor of Information Management [BIM] program is between NR 55,500 and NR 65,000. Students may be eligible for a scholarship based on their CMAT results. Their particular college makes the final choice on further scholarships.

Eligibility for BIM in Nepal

Talking about the academic requirement, candidates should have passed science, management, Humanities in 10+2 or equivalent in any stream from a recognized board. Likewise students should be able to pass entrance exams(CMAT).

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Job opportunities with a BIM degree 

As a graduate student in the BIM field, you will have boundless opportunities to find jobs in almost every area. Further, the career opportunities you can have as a BIM degree holder are : Software Engineers, Programmers/Analysts, System designers/ analysts, network administrators/managers, Database Managers, web admins, e-Commerce programmers, information system project managers, software application developers, management information system managers, Trainers/Instructors and other IT related, and business professionals.

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