Art of Public speaking and Communication skills


Our society relies on communication to function. It gives us the ability to make connections, influence decisions, and inspire change. Progressing in the workplace and in life would be practically impossible without communication skills.


"Oral communication abilities were the number one talent that college graduates felt valuable in the professional sector," according to a research by sociologist Andrew Zekeri. Communication skills improve your capacity to deal professionally and calmly with professionals and coworkers. These abilities are enhanced through public speaking, making you a more qualified candidate to advance and thrive in your chosen career.


Keeping this in mind, Thames International College, in collaboration with Skill Lab Nepal, organized a session on the Art of Public Speaking and Communication Skills on March 23, 2022, which was facilitated by Yogina Shakya, which aimed at guiding students, hone their public speaking skills and understand different facets of effective communication.

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