Sociology is an exploration of the range of topics within the subject of society and social behavior, including social problems and public policy. Students of sociology investigate human behavior within the boundaries of demographics, race, gender, or class divisions, aided by tools for scientific research. The subject of sociology in broad in this way:
equipping students with critically examined, fact-based knowledge about society, as well as methods for the collection and analysis of data, including quantitative statistical procedures as well as qualitative methods for interviews and observations. Sociology is a subject for students interested in critical reading and thinking, research and analysis, and forming structured ideas on politics, economics, and the society. Students looking for a career in marketing, research, human resources, or social work within non-profit organizations or community development agencies, should opt for sociology.

Courses within Sociology are offered under the School of Social Sciences at Thames. Thames seeks to expose students under this school to professionals, with guest talks and internship opportunities. Students are also introduced to broader ideas, with a wealth of resources available to them and open discussion sessions within the classrooms.

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