• Why does Nepal need more graduates in Psychology?


Why does Nepal need more graduates in Psychology?

In comparison to other subjects, psychology can be referred to as one of the newest subjects to be taught. With a limited number of colleges, professors' psychology subjects were slowly getting recognized. 2012's destructive earthquake brought psychological problems among people which resulted in high demand for psychological professionals. Coming to 2020, the knowledge on the subject has increased but it is still not satisfactory. Thus, to expand the slogan “Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health”.

With this blog, we intend to make you familiar with some points on why more graduates are needed in Bachelor of Psychology in Nepal.

Psychology education helps  understand yourself and better understand people around you.

While learning psychology, you will be learning about the diversity of human experience. You will get to know  about different personality types with its advantages and challenges.

Bachelor in Psychology helps for the self awareness and related programs

People are not aware how bad mental and emotional illness can lead them towards serious issues. Exposure regarding mental and health issues should be in our society so the course helps you learn about such awareness related programs.

The program helps you to pursue professional training of your choice in related fields.

Bachelor of psychology not just gives you knowledge but it aims and provides you necessary training and practical knowledge regarding the subjects and areas  you are interested in.

Bachelor of Psychology helps you to learn distinguish between severe and mild mental illness

The subject bachelor in psychology will be making you understand the misunderstanding surrounding mental illness. You will be made aware which mental illness one is going through and how you should be dealing with it accordingly.


You will understand the stages of human development

People act and have different mental and physical needs. The psychology studies will help you know the different development stages and what an individual requires at particular stages. You will find out what a child requires in their early stage and how it influences them later. 

Scopes of studying BA in psychology

Graduates of Bachelor of Psychology can work as  Advertising Agents, Career Counselor, Case Manager, Psychiatric Technician, and many more. Basically, graduate students of psychology are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in an actual work setting. Moreover, graduates become skilled and confident in leading Mental Health activities along with Psycho-education. Bachelor in Psychology can also yield you a good foundational knowledge on further studies, i.e., Masters program.

Which college to choose for the best BA in psychology in Nepal?

As discussed above, colleges that offer Bachelor of Psychology in Nepal are in less numbers, this also limits the options for the students. Within such a small community, Thames College  manages to stay on top of the list. Thames College, TU affiliated college, is your ultimate destination to pursue a Bachelor of Psychology in Nepal as the college has experienced faculty, opportunities for internships and training,  well equipped libraries, classrooms, labs, and organizing seminars/recreational programs. 

Get enrolled in our Bachelor of Psychology program and experience the journey to academic excellence, impressive personality development, and skills to be a good psychologist.