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Book talk with Girish Giri

December 20, 2017

Journalist and documentary maker Mr. Girish Giri launched his debut book “Birgunj- Mero sahar ko katha”. He was invited at Thames International College for Book Talks on December 26. Talking about his book, he said “I have tried to connect my birthplace Birgunj with others parts of the country through my story. On the occasion, Giri had recalled some of his childhood memories and his stay in Birgunj during the recent Madhes agitation.

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Dance Workshop

January 7, 2018

Motivated by the active participation of students in various dance programs. The office of Student Affairs organized a 4 Days’ workshop on 2 different Latin Dance forms Kizomba and Bachata for dance enthusiast willing to learn new dance forms. Mr. Ashok Bhandari facilitated the workshop which was divided into four classes and further separated into two classes for each forms.

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Terra Motors Engagement Program

February 5, 2018

“Terra Motors College Engagement Program” was conducted on Feb 5, at Thames International College. The program was a promotional event organized by the terra motors, which is now Nepal’s No.1 electric vehicle company .During this activation; students interacted through various games, music and other fun activities and live performance by Neetesh Jung Kunwar.